How to get rid of offensive comments and spam on YouTube?

Like any platform on the Internet, YouTube is not spam-proof. These advertising messages are as repetitive as they are unpleasant. Some even go too far and may offend the sensitivity of users. On YouTube, spam takes the form of unwanted comments. Fortunately, it is possible to hunt down these messages by reporting them.

In order to get rid of offensive comments and spam on the YouTube platform, it is best to report them. However, this is a group effort: the spam comment will only be hidden if enough users report it. To learn how to mark a comment as spam, just follow the tutorial below.

Get rid of offensive comments and spam on YouTube

If we spot a spam or an offensive comment, we can either block the user (if we are the owner of the channel where the messages are posted), or report it. By doing this, YouTube may block the message in order to conduct usage checks for 60 days. Once the report has been made, there is no going back: you cannot cancel a report.

Here's how to report spam:

1. Go to the YouTube platform and log in.

2. Find the spam comment under one of the featured videos.

3. Click on the three vertical dots icon to the right of the message and press "Report".

4. Then choose the option "Unwanted or spam commercial content", then click on the "Report" button.

While YouTube automatically checks for spam, reports are still useful. They allow platform managers to focus their attention on certain cases.

Note, if you don't want to see spam or offensive comments appear under your video, you can filter these messages beforehand. For this, you can submit the comments posted for approval. You will only have to sort them on a case-by-case basis in the YouTube Studio.

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