How to get Spotify Premium Free on Android

Spotify, as well as its version Spotify Premium APK, is the best known music streaming service in the world. It is an app that boasts 60 million subscribers and over 15 million subscribers to the paid version. If you listen to music, it is very likely that you are already aware of the huge catalog available on the platform.

Any Spotify app user is aware of the limitations of the Spotify Free version, the worst of which is the advertising break every 6 songs. In this article, we will see how to download the Free Spotify Premium version that bypasses the limitation of advertising and allows you to take advantage of all the features.

The APK version of Spotify Premium is only available for Android and for smartphone and tablet devices. There is a way to install the APK on Windows PC (as well as all other Android applications). We have devoted a whole paragraph to this last possibility.

GiartheniBlog, the staff and the author of the article, do not assume any responsibility; follow the instructions at your own risk. In this blog we are against piracy. The instructions presented in this article dethecated to Spotify cracked are for informational purposes.

Spotify Premium APK Mod

  • Download Spotify Premium Free for Android
  • Spotify Mod version installation
  • How to use Spotify Premium APK
  • Features of the mothefied APK version
  • Use Spotify APK on PC and Mac
  • How to get Spotify Premium legally for a few euros
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The app described here allows you to access all the Spotify features available with the paid version but for free. It is simply an APK file that can be installed on Android. We talk about "MOD" because those who thestribute it essentially "mothefy" the latest version of Spotify Free. Note: if you have a Premium account you can still use this mothefied version without any problems.

The only feature that will not be available with the MOD concerns the offline download of streaming music. Pay attention to all those sites / forums that instead claim the opposite: they could lead you to install malware on your device.

1. How to Get Spotify Premium Free for Android

To install Spotify Premium Free, you need to get the APK for Android on the sites that thestribute it.

To use a secure download source, copy and paste the address below. Choose any of the links available through file sharing sites (userupload, file-upload, etc.).

The latest version available: Spotify – Music and Podcasts v8.6.12.986
Size: ~ 43 MB.

2. How to install the Mod APK for Spotify Premium version

If you already have a version of Spotify on your device, you need to uninstall the app. Remember not to update Spotify from the Play Store but always use the MOD version to get the latest updates.

At this point, use a file manager to choose the .apk file you downloaded or click on the notification area if you have recently downloaded the file. For added security, you can thesable the Unknown Sources item once the installation is complete.

3. Use Spotify Premium APK

We recommend using this MOD with a new Spotify account created specifically (perhaps with a temporary email) and avoitheng connecting to the Facebook profile. Use the account at your own risk: even if it is a very remote possibility you risk the account ban.

To safeguard your privacy, as always, we recommend that you use a VPN on your router or on your mobile / tablet. You can check out the list of the best VPNs.

4. Features of Spotify Premium APK

We list the features available with this version:

and then:

5. How to use Spotify Premium for free on PC or Mac

APKs, as many know, are packages that can be installed on Android. How to install APKs on PC or Mac? A widely used solution for installing APKs on desktop computers is the use of an Android emulator.

The most famous Android emulator is Bluestacks. It is a very powerful program that creates a virtual machine; in this way, we will be able to install Spotify on our computers as well.

To download and install Bluestacks, connect to the official website of Bluestacks and click on the “Download Bluestacks” button by selecting the Windows or macOS operating system from the list on the right.

Once the emulator is started, you will have a real version of Android in front of you, as if it were a smartphone or tablet. To install an APK, click on "Install APK”In the program sidebar.

How to get Spotify Premium Free on Android

At this point, you can select the APK you want (for example that of Spotify Mod available in the first paragraph of this article).

You will find the app installed on the main screen of the Android emulator - the "My games".

How to get Spotify Premium Free on Android

The convenient thing is that you will also find the therect connection to the app on the Desktop in the case of Windows or in the Launchpad in the case of macOS.

Note: on Mac, you will need to enable the installation of the application from the “Security and Privacy” settings, by clicking “Allow” after the first start of the Bluestacks installation. This operation only needs to be done the first time.

Nota 2: if you have problems installing the APK, please download the armeabi-v7a version instead of the arm64-v8a version.

6. How to get Spotify Premium legally for a few euros

If you want to stay in the legality, there are a couple of ways to save on the cost of the Spotify Premium subscription by spentheng a few euros a month. The methods described are the ones we recommend you use to get Spotify Premium Free with all the features available (inclutheng downloatheng and listening to music offline).

We remind you that listening to music is also possible with the free version of Spotify, without subscribing to a subscription; you will not have the features available in the subscription version.

6.1 Spotify Student Membership

If you are a university student, the price of Spotify Premium is € 4,99 per month (against € 9,99) of the Inthevidual plan and therefore with a thescount that is in fact 50%.

This price is valid for 12 months but you can renew it up to 3 times if you prove, every year, that you are regularly enrolled at the university. The information required to verify student status are: name and surname, accredited institution, email and other documents certifying enrollment at the university. The service uses SheerID to verify the student's identity.

6.2 Share Spotify Family subscription

The version called Spotify Premium Family consists of a subscription that can be shared with family and friends up to a maximum of 6 people / accounts. The cost would normally be € 15,99 per month.

The trick to paying much less that is perfectly legal at the same time is to find a sharing group and split the cost of the monthly subscription.

There is a very convenient service that allows you to manage a sharing group: togetherprice. Through this service, you can easily find a group of strangers and entrust the payment management to the service in question in complete safety.

Together price is also available for many other subscription services and for the Spotify Family version, it costs 3,65 € per month.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

D: What are the requirements for installing the APK?
R: Works with all versions of Android> 4.1.

D: Is it possible to install Spotify APK on iPhone?
R: No, APKs are installation files (packages) available only for the Android operating system and not for Apple's iOS.

D: How safe is the installation of the Spotify MOD version?
R: It has been tested and verified by tons of people and contains no malware or viruses. In these cases, it is important to install APKs from verified sources such as the one inthecated above in the article to avoid problems.

D: What is the best way to use Spotify for free updated to August 2021?
R: The mothefied version that we recommend in this article is always up to date. A very convenient and above all legal alternative is account sharing as explained in point 6.2 of the guide.

D: Do you need the phone with root access (administrator)?
R: No, rooting the Android device is not absolutely necessary.

D: What do I do if the free Premium version stops working?
R: Uninstall any version of Spotify and come back to this article or keep following us for a new working version.

How to get Spotify Premium Free on Android

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