How to install a theme on Firefox?

How to install a theme on Firefox?
To personalize the look of your Firefox browser, you can choose to apply a theme to it. The theme makes navigation more pleasant by bringing a personal touch to your interface. You can opt for a touch of humor or originality, or incorporate colors that make you feel good.

With a wide and varied choice, Firefox has plenty of themes to decorate the menu and tab bars. Let's see together how to properly configure Mozilla Firefox so that it looks like you.

Install a theme on Firefox

  1. Open the Menu then click Modules complémentaires, or on the keyboard combination Ctrl + May + A.

    How to install a theme on Firefox?

  2. Go to Catalogue in the left column and view the different themes. Select the one you like by clicking Install theme.How to install a theme on Firefox?Notes : To activate a previously installed theme, simply click on Topics: in the left panel then on Enable.

Install a targeted theme via Add-ons

  1. If you want to have more choices, click on the button Discover more modules. How to install a theme on Firefox?

  2. Among the proposals that appear at the top of the screen, click on Topics: .How to install a theme on Firefox?

  3. Make your choice by browsing the page. How to install a theme on Firefox?

  4. You can also click, at the top of the page, on the category that interests you, here Music. It will take you to a targeted selection. How to install a theme on Firefox?Note: For a more specific search, click on See more themes in the desired category and filter according to your criteria!

All you have to do is manage your installed themes and change them according to your desires. To do this, go to Module Manager>Themes. Nothing to get tired of, there are thousands of different themes on Firefox!

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