How to properly configure Skype?

Available on many platforms, the Skype communication software is designed to be easy to use. Even so, it may take some help to download, install, and perform basic setup of the app from Microsoft. And that's exactly what this tutorial does.

From downloading to installing, including setting up the microphone, webcam or other small details, let yourself be guided.

Download and install Skype on all operating systems

The installation phase of Skype will obviously depend on the terminal where you want to install it. On mobile (iOS or Android), it's hard to make it simpler: go to your application store (AppStore on iPhone/iPad and Play Store on Android smartphone or tablet), search for Skype, download it and let the installation take place on its own .

On desktop, different solutions are available to you for downloading. You can in fact get the installation wizard, whether it's the one for Windows, macOS or Linux, both on the official Skype website and directly here, on Expertsconnecting . Once you have made your choice and selected your version on the page, download the file and install it like any other software.

For more details on this phase, do not hesitate to consult our complete tutorial on How to download and install Skype (Linux, Windows, macOS, smartphones).

How to properly configure Skype for smooth use

Now that Skype is installed on your computer or mobile device, it's time to do its first setup.

As detailed in the installation tutorial linked above, you will first need to log in with a Skype/Microsoft account. You can of course fill in an email/password pair if you already have one, or create a new account. This step also benefits from a dedicated tutorial, soberly called How to create a Skype account.

After having then chosen (or not) a profile photo, the real configuration begins. Note that the various initial configuration steps can be found in the options later to make changes and other settings.

We are mainly talking here about two central options of Skype, which benefit from dedicated tutorials: How to modify the audio parameters on Skype (input and output, that is to say the microphone and the headphones/speakers) and How to configure your webcam on skype. Nothing very rocket science in these menus, but if something asks you questions, the dedicated tutorials in links most likely have the answer.

Finally, two other more or less optional options may also be worth a look before using Skype. The basic appearance (theme) of Skype can thus be modified for the pleasure of the eyes and a more pleasant use, while people with vision concerns may like to change the size of the font of Skype.

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