How to recover a damaged or corrupted Word file

How to recover a damaged or corrupted Word file

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Imagine yourself working on a document for hours Word complex, full of tables, graphics and particular characters, and suddenly the power fails, or the PC crashes, with a necessary restart of the machine.

At the very least, we will have lost any changes to the file if it was never saved. In the worst case, the entire file will come corrupt.

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Let's see how to recover a text written in Office and not saved: let's try to recover it in doc o docx.

If we use one of the most recent versions of Word it is not a problem, because there are autosave and autorecover options that not everyone is aware of or knows how to use.

  1. How to recover a Word document in a standard way

Even if the restore function has not been enabled, you can still recover unsaved or corrupted data from temporary files created by Office. With one caveat, though: only if you are currently working on a single Word document.

When you create a new Word or Excel document, the information is duplicated on a temporary file stored in the folder Temp inside the following folder:

C: Documents and Settings Application Data Microsoft (Word temporary file location by default)

This temporary file contains some letters after the tilde (~). Office reserves information and other doc / docx / xls / xlsx documents. Files with a tilde contain the data needed for recovery.

Use auto-saved Office temporary files

If you created a document and the file was open at the time of the failure (whether it was a sudden power failure or a Windows system error) you will need to reopen Word, and Office will automatically attempt to recover the lost document.

The default interval for automatic saving of Word documents is 10 minutes; the value can be changed from the general button> Word Options> Save.

Autosaved files are present in one of two folders:

    C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftWord

    C:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsTemp

(in Windows 7, on the other hand, the backup files are placed in the system folders:


    C:UsersAppDataLocalTemp    )

The following table lists the file types and extensions that can be found in the folder with temporary files (XXXX is the document number):

- documento Word doc o docx: wrdXXXX.tmp

- documento Word temporaneo: wrfXXXX.tmp

- file for automatic recovery: wraXXXX.tmp

- a complete Word document for automatic retrieval has the extension .wbk

When you have found a lost or corrupted file, you can view its contents directly through Word. Another way to do this is to open it with Notepad or any other text editor.

If you opened the file in Word, but the information in the document was corrupted or deleted or even overwritten, save it in another format. After changing the extension to * .rtf or * .txt sometimes the document can be recovered.

How to recover deleted Word files in Office 2010

In Office 2010 and later, there is an option to restore unsaved Word files and / or corrupt documents .:

1) Open the File tab in the upper left corner of Office

2) Select the "History" menu item

3) In the lower left corner of Word select the option "Recover unsaved documents"

4) A folder with the drafts will appear

5) Find the desired file and double click on it to open it

6) Save the file


  1. Recovery of Word files with the help of Windows

If you need to recover an older version of a Word document but have already overwritten it, try to restore the file using Windows. In Vista, 7 and later, there is a way to revert to a previous version. Do this:

1) open the context menu (right click on the file name)

2) select "Restore previous versions"in the context menu

  1. Recover corrupted Word documents using the Recuva program

It is possible that, when the document was deleted, some applications such as Word itself could have rewritten part of the document. The structure of the Word file, except for the parts containing the text, contains the formatting information. Any damage to the data structure in the doc or docx makes the document unreadable. Recuva allows you to recover documents with a good chance. You can download it here

  1. Using the text converter present in the Word document

A Word document, or at least part of it, can also be restored with the help of the converter present in Word itself. Just click on apri from the menu Fillet present in Word 2002/2003/2010 (while on Word 2007 before clicking on apri click on the Office button) and in the file type box click on Recover text from any file.

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