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    How to reset your iPhone?

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    Is your iPhone slow, buggy or maybe you just want to refurbish it? Factory reset is the best way to debug and fix your iPhone! But how to go about it exactly? We explain everything to you in our new tutorial.

    As with the majority of iPhone backup or recovery procedures, there are two methods available to you. The first allows you to do everything directly from your smartphone, and the second will take you through iTunes.

    Reset your iPhone

    1. Open the app Settings on your iPhone

    2. Open the menu General

    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click reset

    4. At the top of the list, choose Reset all settings

    5. Enter your unlock code

    6. Confirm by pressing Reset all settings. Your iPhone will then erase all data and restore factory settings. It will restart as if it was the first time you turned it on.

    Reset iPhone with iTunes

    1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC, and launch itunes

    2. At the top left of the interface, click on the iPhone icon

    3. In the first panel, click Restore iPhone

    4. Confirm by clicking on Restore

    Resetting your phone may be a good idea if you are having problems with slowness or battery draining too quickly. By doing so, many temporary files or files with risky indexing will be deleted, which will allow you to start again on a healthier basis.

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