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    How to see FPS in games

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    Now it is necessary click on FPS in the Performance window. The first time you select the option, you will need it provide extended access to functionality for this to be able to obtain the required information, that is the FPS on PC games. Once you have granted the necessary permissions, you will need to restart your PC in order to continue.

    After restarting the PC, just start a video game and open the Game Bar via the shortcut Windows + G to view frames per second - FPS - in games within the Performance widget. But not only that, it will also be possible to view theuse of GPU, CPU, VRAM and RAM. You will find that the widget will disappear as soon as you click elsewhere, but there is a solution: to see the FPS constantly on the screen, just press the pin icon to lock the window in the foreground. So even when the Game Bar is hidden, the Performance window will continue to remain open and visible. Obviously it is also possible to position it at will and adjust its size, so that it does not bother during the game.

    It is also possible to view the change in FPS during the gaming session by pressing the arrow button that appears when you position the cursor on “FPS”. This will bring up a framerate graph, which allows you to quickly understand "how it turns" the title we are playing.

    Of course they also exist other ways to see FPS in games: Some titles have a built-in feature that can be activated in the game's settings. The clients Steam e Origin they integrate an overlay FPS counter that can be activated during game sessions, but only works for titles downloaded from their respective stores; in the end Nvidia and AMD they provide an FPS counter in their software dedicated to GPU settings. However, the integrated solution in Windows is a good choice if you are looking for a simple and quick way to call up to see the FPS in games, perhaps with some additional gems such as a graph that shows the trend of the framerate.

    How to see FPS in games with Steam and Origin

    As for Steam you have to follow these steps:

    • Open the settings of Steam;
    • Go to the tab At stake and select the position of the FPS counter. You can also enable the feature that allows you to view FPS in a high contrast color.

    In Origin, invece:

    • Open the settings of Origin;
    • Go to the tab "Origin In Play" and enable Origin In Game;
    • Select the position of the FPS counter to be able to view it.

    How to see FPS in games with AMD Radeon Software

    If you have a recent AMD GPU and have installed theAMD Radeon software (updated to the latest version), which allows you to change various parameters of your video card, you can also activate the in-game overlay to be able to view the FPS, the GPU temperature and many other information. During your gaming session, you can launch Radeon Software by pressing ALT + R for full screen functionality or ALT + Z for the one inserted in a sidebar instead. Obviously these two shortcuts can be modified from the software settings.

    Once Radeon Software has been launched, it will be possible to activate the “show metric overlay” option and select which parameters to display. You can also activate the overlay with the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O.

    See FPS with Nvidia GeForce Experience

    If you have an Nvidia graphics card and GeForce Experience software installed, you can take advantage of an integrated feature of the program itself to view FPS. Once the software is open, go to the settings by pressing the gear icon at the top right. You have to make sure the item "Overlap in play" is enabled and then press on “settings” just below.

    Here select "HUD layouts" and activate the FPS counter, then choosing the desired position on the screen. Once in the game, you can call up GeForce Experience at any time with the key combination ALT + Z and modify at will the various settings, the HUD layout and more.

    NVIDIA GeForce software can also be used FrameView, which allows you to view the frame rate and other important and useful parameters of your video card and CPU. In addition to displaying the information in real time, you can save a file to collect data on frame rate, frame time, performance per watt and much more. The program also works for AMD video cards.

    Here, too, it is possible to set the corner of the screen where the information overlay will be displayed and also to establish a button that starts recording the data just mentioned, which will be saved in a file located in the folder selected in “Benchmark folder location”. During recording, the overlay will be hidden, so it will not be possible to view the various data detected by the software in real time.

    How to see FPS in games

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