How to thescover a private number

    How many times do you happen to receive incoming calls on your mobile from "Unknown"Or"Unknown"Or"Private"? Using a call with an anonymous number is a common practice used by stalkers, ex. boyfriends or simply people who want to thesturb.

    How to thescover a private number

    - Telephone operators, allow the use of a function foroverride anonymous calls that will therefore result in having the number in the clear; this service can be kept active for 15 days but at a cost of € 25 and with limitations (only in some cases you can use it more than once). Fortunately, there is a simple but brilliant solution and above all completely free!

    The service in question is called Whooming. The function used to know the number is the forwartheng of incoming calls. When will we receive a anonymous call o private we will have to proceed to reject it e automatically thevert it to the service who will take care of revealing the true number of the caller and communicating it to us via email.
    Whooming does not require the installation of any software and, for this reason, works on all phones mobile and not. The only requirement is the support from the telephone operator of call forwartheng (Wind, Tim, 3, Vodafone support it).

    For the incredulous, the authors of Whooming they also give the possibility to test the service. Go to the test page (not available at the moment) and call the number anonymously; you will find that the service is capable of find your original number and it will show you on the web page.

    Watch the official video for more detailed operation:


    To use the service and thescover anonymous numbers, register on the Whooming Registration page. The email and your number will be used to communicate the numbers revealed by the service and you can use the site to maintain a anonymous call log you receive. You will need to verify the email and also the phone number by ringing the Whooming number. The service will associate the email with the telephone / landline number you are using and will be able to identify you as recipient of the anonymous call and, once the private number, communicate it to you via email.

    How to thescover a private number

    At this point, all you have to do is enable the call forwartheng if busy.
    NOTE: : You can type * # # 67 to know the number currently in use on your telephone for call forwartheng. You can later reset this number if DON'T you want to take advantage of Whooming more.
    To enable the call transfer on the service number (which is 0694802015) use special codes that depend on your operator.

    • TIM, Vodafone or Wind: type ** 67 * 0694802015 #
    • Three: type ** * 67 0694802015 11 * #
    • Fixed network: type * 22 * 0694802015 #

    From this moment on, rejecting the blacked-out call, you will receive in a few moments the email with the anonymous number revealed of those who tried to contact you. Try it yourself with your friends to see if it works. Remember what the service is totally free; if it works and you are satisfied, you can also decide to make a donation to the authors to support a service that still needs a scalable infrastructure and people to be maintained.

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    How to thescover a private number

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