How to turn off two-factor login on Instagram?

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You have implemented two-factor authentication to protect your Instagram account, but now want to return to the traditional password? Disabling two-factor login on Instagram is quick and extremely simple: this tutorial dedicated to teaching you how to manage your Instagram account explains how to do it in 7 small steps!

Disable two-factor login on Instagram

  1. On your app Instagram, go to your profile icon lower right.

  2. Then click the three lines in the upper right corner.

  3. Press Parameters.

  4. In this menu, click Safety.

  5. In category Login Security, Press on Two-factor authentication.

  6. Here you will find a summary of the two-factor connections you have set up. Drag the slider to the off position on the ones you want to disable.

  7. A dialog box appears asking for confirmation. Click on Remove.

Two-factor authentication is now disabled. In order to keep protecting your Instagram account, change your password regularly and choose it carefully. Do not hesitate to alternate upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols to make it a complex password and therefore more difficult to hack!

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