How to use Facebook Messenger secret chat

How to use Facebook Messenger secret chat

(and make messages self-destruct)

La privacy it is a fundamental aspect of our daily life that we cannot afford to overlook. Every day i social networks they invite us to share any moment of our day, even the most intimate.

Su Facebook, for example, we put not only photos of our travels, but also those of our newborn son, of a relationship that has just blossomed, all for the public, even if the display may actually be limited to our circle of friends and / or family members.

And when we want to have a private conversation with one of our contacts on Facebook we resort to Messenger thinking, perhaps, of being away from prying eyes. In part this is the case, but if we want to have total privacy we can resort to Secret Conversations of Facebook Messenger.

It is a Messenger function through which you can exchange photos, stickers, your location and messages that can even be deleted by themselves after a set time limit.

All this is possible thanks to data encryption that makes it possible to safely exchange messages between one device and another, without any hacker or the Internet Service Provider being able to put their nose into it.

This Messenger feature is not enabled by default. Here's how to start a secret conversation:

- His Android, start Messenger and locate the contact you want to talk to by tapping their photo

- Tap the "i" at the top right and select Log in to the secret conversation

- His iPhone o iPadinstead, tap the icon New message from the Messenger home, then select Secret top right. Finally, select the friend with whom you want to start the secret conversation.  

If we want to be even more secure, we enable the function of self-destruction of messages. It is sufficient, before sending a message, tap the stopwatch icon and set a time (from 5 seconds up to one day).

Once sent, a countdown will appear, after which the message will be deleted from both chats.

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