How to watch satellite channels on LG TV

You have recently moved and, to your great surprise, you have realized that the new condominium is equipped with a parable intended for usufruct by all condominiums. What better time, then, to test the reception of satellite channels on your new one LG TV, purchased for the occasion? After a moment of initial enthusiasm, however, your soul has cooled down: you have never had to deal with satellite channels before, so you don't have the faintest idea of ​​the steps to take to properly configure the TV and , for this reason, you are already thinking of giving up.

Is this really the case? Then don't throw in the towel and let me help you! If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can explain how to see satellite channels on LG TV providing you with all the information you need to complete this operation: from the necessary material (from the dish to the CAM to be installed in the TV) to the steps to be taken to tune the channels on the TV.

Come on, armed with patience and willpower, read very carefully everything I have to explain to you on the subject and put it into practice. I am sure that, at the end of this reading, you will have acquired the necessary skills to achieve the goal you set for yourself. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and, above all, good viewing!



How to watch satellite channels on LG TV

To see satellite channels on LG TV, you must first equip yourself with asatellite dish, indispensable tool to be able to pick up the signal transmitted by the satellite. If you don't have it, you can buy it in a specialized shop or online.

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In addition to the dish which, in order to "point" towards the sky, must be positioned outside a balcony or on the roof, you will also need to get a good illuminator (LNB) it's a coaxial cable: devices useful, respectively, for the capture of the waves coming from the satellite and for the reception of the signal at home.

Numerous existing parabolas in circulation (including those I pointed out a few lines above) also include the illuminator. The coaxial cable, on the other hand, must be purchased at a store specializing in the sale of items for televisions, in an electronics store or online.

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Once you have obtained everything you need, you must then proceed with the physical installation of the device. In this regard, unless you have specific skills on the subject, I recommend that you contact a specialized antennae, who will be well able to choose the ideal position for the antenna and to install the cables in the house.

After the installation of the dish, you need to check if the LG TV model in your possession is equipped with satellite tuner (DVB-S2) and a slot CAM+smart card (also called CICommon Interface): if so, you will need to get the smart card for the chosen satellite transmission service, together with the related CAM.

To be able to use the free satellite channels (free-to-air) transmitted by the tivùsat platform, for example, you need to get the kit SmartCAM HD tivùsat, which includes both the CI module to be inserted into the TV, and the Tivùsat HD card.

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If, on the other hand, you have decided to direct your choice towards the Pay TV service of Sky, on the other hand, you will necessarily have to equip yourself, in addition to the card, also the appropriate card decoder to be connected to the television (the one which, in fact, will take care of capturing the satellite signal), since the channels are transmitted by the satellite in an encrypted manner.

You can order the Sky decoder when activating the service, as I explained to you in my guide dedicated to Sky offers.

How to watch satellite channels on LG TV

Now that you have everything you need, it's time to take action and understand, in practice, how to see satellite channels on LG TV. The steps to be taken are essentially two: physically install the CAM (or the decoder) and perform the tuning of the channels. Below you will find everything explained in detail.

Install the CAM or decoder

How to watch satellite channels on LG TV

To be able to enjoy satellite channels on your LG TV, you must first install the modulo CAM obtained previously.

To begin, insert the card of the chosen service into the slot located on the CAM module, then insert the latter into the slot that is usually located on the side of the TV. The housing in charge of hosting the CAM is identified by the wording PCMCIA, from that Common Interface or, again, from that CI.

Once this is done, connect the coaxial cable coming from the illuminator (the one that the antenna operator has developed right into your home) to the appropriate connector on the TV, identified by the wording LNBSatellite INSAT IN. You can easily recognize it: it is a connector very similar to the one dedicated to the terrestrial antenna, usually placed right next to the latter, designed so that the relative plug can be screwed on.

When you're done, all you have to do is turn on the TV and fine-tune the channels, following the steps listed in the next chapter of the tutorial.

How to watch satellite channels on LG TV

If, on the other hand, you have chosen to use a decoder, first of all insert the card in the appropriate slot, located on the front of the card, then connect it to the TV via HDMI (o SCART, in older models).

At this point, insert the plug of the coaxial cable coming from the illuminator into the appropriate connector on the back of the decoder, connect the latter to the electricity supply and turn it on. Finally, also turn on the TV and tune in, using the button Home on the remote control (the one with the cottage), on the most appropriate video source (eg. HDMI 1).

Tune channels on LG TV

How to watch satellite channels on LG TV

After having properly configured the reception devices, you are finally ready to receive the satellite channels, after tuning the television or decoder.

If you have opted to use the CAM module, after turning on the TV, press the ⚙ button on the remote control, press the button twice up arrow, to highlight the menu (⋮) All settings, and press the button OK, to access it.

Then, select the icon Channels, move the cursor to the item Tuning and channel settings and press the button OK, to access the relevant menu. Next, choose the voice Program modeaward OK, use the menu that is proposed to you to set the reception mode to Satellite and press again OK.

At this point, the TV should ask you whether to start channel tuning immediately: to proceed, highlight the button Yes that appears on the screen and press the button OK remote control. If this does not happen, you can still start tuning by selecting the item Automatic tuning and pressing the key OK remote control.

Once the tuning phase is complete, all you have to do is exit the TV menu by pressing the button Exit on the remote control, and tune in to the channels of your interest.

Keep in mind that, in some cases, you may also have to activate the card inserted in the CAM: generally, this operation is carried out by telephone, or on the Internet, upon communication of the number of one's card, tax code and some other data relating to the subscribed subscription. Follow your supplier's steps to complete this step as well.

I invented stai using a decoder, you have to tune the channels using the remote control of the same: the latest generation of Sky decoders, that is the Sky Q family, performs this operation in the first start-up phase, completely automatically.

As for the other decoders, however, what you have to do is access the relative one main menu, using the appropriate button on the remote control, and then go to the section relating to tuning of satellite and digital channels and choose the option for tune the sat channels. I have given you more details on this in my guide on the subject.

Note: the names of the menus may vary according to the model of the decoder manufacturer, therefore I invite you to refer to the manual of the same, or to carry out a simple search on Google (eg. how to tune satellite channels [decoder brand and model]).

In case of problems

How to watch satellite channels on LG TV

How do you say? Although you have followed the steps I have explained to you to the letter, you have not been able to activate the vision of satellite channels on the TV? Don't throw in the towel just yet, the solution may be simpler than it seems!

For example, if you see a message from Encrypted signal or Vision not enabled, you may need to activate the viewing rights on the card in your possession, following the steps provided by your service provider. Regarding tivùsat, for example, you have to dial the number +06 891 895 and follow the instructions of the voice guide.

If, on the other hand, the problem is due to incorrect reception of the channels, then you should reorient the dish in order to better pick up the signal coming from the satellites.

In this regard, it is useful to know that the channels of the tivùsat platform and the Sky channels are broadcast on the fleet of satellites. Eutelsat Hot Bird 13, in particular Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B o 13C: to find the coordinates to use to correctly orient the dish, I suggest you visit the Lyngsat website.

How do you say? Don't know how to orient the parable? Then the guide on how to point the satellite dish could be useful, in which I showed you a series of useful tools and resources to learn how to carry out this operation in total autonomy.

However, I strongly urge you to avoid situations that could put you in danger and to ask for the help of an antennae, especially if the dish is difficult to access or where the problem is particularly serious.

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