Huawei smartphone without Google Apps: complete guide to the use of HMS devices

- Huawei smartphone without Google Apps are on the rise. On the other hand, life continues even after the ban and the Chinese giant has no intention of giving up after having struggled to reach its current position, that of leader of an increasingly competitive market that has seen Huawei assert itself with determination thanks to a strategy that has made school. Yes, because the Asian company, in business for over 30 years, arrived on the Italian market with economical and extremely competitive devices and then evolved and offered some of the most innovative top of the range in the sector. All this to earn the trust of consumers who now unanimously recognize the validity of products made in Shenzhen. 

But this is the past.
What worries users, on the other hand, is the present and future of the company that has had to face the American ban and that has had the license removed from Google for the use of its apps and services. 

The question that everyone asks is therefore only one: can i use a Huawei smartphone even without Google Apps? 

The answer is yes.

Like any good self-respecting company, the Shenzhen giant was not caught unprepared. His Plan B? Is called HMS, i.e. Huawei Mobile Services.

Huawei Mobile Services: what are they?

HMS it is an abbreviation that you will hear and see more and more often and, as I mentioned above, it stands for Huawei Mobile Services.
Under this hat we find the Huawei ID, the App Gallery, Huawei Video, Music, Cloud, the proprietary browser and much more. In short, all those applications and services that, for their functions, can replace what Google has accustomed us to in recent years. 

So don't be frightened by the acronym. In reality it is simply a quick way to indicate a Huawei smartphone without Google services but still equipped with all the applications necessary for daily use.


What are the smartphone Huawei HMS? At the moment these:

  • Serie P40 (P40 lite, P40 lite E, P40 e P40 Pro)
  • Mate 30
  • Mate XS (the foldable smartphone)

Huawei smartphone without Google Apps: how do I configure it?


Suppose you have just purchased a new device from the Asian giant, perhaps a brand new P40 Pro. How to configure it? You have two possible alternatives: one involves the use of Phone Clone, the other just a little patience. 

The Phone Clone method

The method Phone Clone it's my favorite because, honestly, that's it simpler and more immediate. You don't have to have special knowledge, you don't have to be a little nerd, you don't need unusual tools. The only thing you need is an app: Phone Clone.

Yes, forget complex software and difficult procedures. For switch from an old Android smartphone (or iPhone) to a Huawei phone you just have to download an application, available for free on the App Store and on the Google Play Store.

Download QR-Code ‎Phone Clone Developer: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Price: Free Download QR-Code Phone Clone Developer: Huawei Internet Services Price: Free

Once installed, you will have to grant it all the required permissions, which are essential for transferring data from one device to another.

At this point, all you have to do is turn on the smartphone and follow the simple instructions:

  • choose your language
  • connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi
  • insert the SIM when requested (but if you want you can also do it later)
  • log in to yours Huawei ID, if you already have one, or create a new one.

Why do you need a Huawei ID? Simple: is the key to accessing all the services offered by the company. It is therefore essential to take advantage of the Cloud and keep your data, but you will also need it to use AppGallery, to access Themes, to try Huawei Music and so on.

Again there is nothing particularly difficult. An email, a password and a few data will suffice, after which it will be associated with the smartphone and you can take advantage of all the services offered by Huawei.

Once you have created your ID, the smartphone will ask you if you want transfer data from another Huawei smartphone, Android phone or iPhone. For the last two options you will need it Phone Clone. Just open the app on the old device, connect it to the new one using the QR code that will appear on the display and then select which data and which apps you want to transport to the Huawei device. 

Well yes, it really is that simple.

Without Phone Clone

The configuration procedure is very similar to the one described above. You then have to set up the same things, create your Huawei ID and then install applications manually. 

There are two tools at your disposal in this case:

  • AppGallery, the official Huawei store that contains thousands of applications and that allows you to search and install all the apps you need. In addition, AppGallery winks at security by providing four levels of control: that relating to privacy, scanning for vulnerabilities, detection of malicious behavior and manual control through the real name.
  • FindApp, a search engine that you can download from AppGallery and that suggests where to find the applications you need, whether they are already present on the AppGallery or available thanks to alternative platforms such as Amazon App Store or APKpure.
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Huawei smartphones without Google Apps: which applications work?

Virtually all the ones you might need in everyday life. But let's go in order and try to understand which apps you can use and where to find them. The article will be constantly updated with all new compatible apps.


Facebook on TrovApp

They are the first applications that we are going to install on any smartphone. Those that we want to have at hand at any time and that allow us to stay in touch with friends, relatives and acquaintances. And yes, you can also find them all on Huawei smartphones without Google Apps.


You can find it on AppGallery which, in turn, will take you to the official Facebook site. From here download the apk - that is the installation file - and in a few seconds you will be ready and operational. 


Instagram is now a must have, one of those applications that we cannot give up. Finding it is very easy: go up Amazon App Store (if you don't have it, just go here to download it), search for the app in the search bar and start the installation.


The procedure is similar to Instagram: just go to Amazon App Store and download the official Twitter app.


For LinkedIn you will need APKPure.

It is a marketplace of applications available for free and containing practically every app on the Play Store. You can consult it by visiting the official website or install its directly on your smartphone. The latter solution is more convenient for updating all your applications and does not naturally oblige you to use the browser for every single search.

Know that it doesn't behave exactly like the App Gallery or the Amazon App Store. The applications are therefore not installed directly but allows you to download the apk and then you will have to proceed with the manual installation. 

This is where TrovApp will take you for LinkedIn download. You will only have to tap on the Install button and, once you have downloaded the apk, proceed with the installation.


For Snapchat the procedure is very simple. You can find it on AppGallery and just one click to install it on your device.


For WhatsApp lovers there are two different scenarios.
The first involves simple installation of the application without importing past conversations. In this case, go up AppGallery which will redirect you to the official website from where to download the apk. You install it and configure the service.

The second scenario involves importing the backup with your old conversations. In this case the procedure is slightly longer because you cannot access the save on Google Drive. Don't worry: this does not mean that you will have to go crazy to move past messages to your new Huawei smartphone without Google Apps. In fact, here you will find a handy guide created by the Chinese company that explains you step by step what to do. Within a couple of minutes you will have successfully imported the backup on your old phone and you will be ready to use WhatsApp.


Google Maps to browser

The other big dilemma concerns Google Maps, a great companion for our journeys on foot and by car. Don't worry, you can consult it anyway but you will have to use the web version.
You will then have to go to the site, after which you can use it to reach any destination.

 Do you want to quickly access Maps without having to open your browser and look for the link? Just add a link to the home page. Nothing complicated:

  • open the browser
  • go to
  • click on the three dots at the top right 
  • choose Add to Home screen

So you will have Google Maps directly on the main screen as well access will be very simple. 

If, on the other hand, you prefer traditional apps and need step-by-step navigation - currently not available with Google Maps web - we suggest you which you can find directly on AppGallery. Alternatively there is Here We Go you find on APKPure and which is very similar to Google Maps, both in navigation and in the amount of information provided.

It has also been available for a few days TomTom Friend, a navigator that allows you to avoid tolls, motorways, ferries and unpaved roads.


What if I have an account gmail how do i read the mail?

Simple: with Huawei Email, the official client of the Asian company you find already pre-installed on your new Huawei smartphone without Google Apps.

All you have to do is configure your e-mail address by entering the relative password, after which you can start using your e-mail box again without any limits and without special configurations.

Of course, Gmail isn't the only account compatible with this application. You can use Huawei Email for any email address. 


Let's talk about entertainment now. Why social media ok, chat ok and work ok, but what if I want to watch a good movie? Well, you are spoiled for choice. In fact, the apps available are numerous, starting with the proprietary one: Huawei Videos. 

Don't know what Huawei Video is? Find out what it offers!

What if I want to use another service?

YouTube da browser


Youtube the procedure is similar to that seen for Google Maps. You can then use it tramite browser, watch any video and then add the link on your Home. We remind you that by logging into your Google account - even through the Huawei broser - you can easily find all channel subscriptions, history and everything you need.

If you go to TrovApp instead you will find a couple of alternatives to the official app: the first is called “Video for Youtube” and “Youtube Background Player”. 

If, on the other hand, you usually use YouTube to listen to music, know that there is a convenient alternative: Huawei Music. The service gives you access to 1,2 million albums, for a total of over 50 million songs. 


The process here is very simple. Just open it Amazon App Store and download the application directly from there.


Netflix you will need APKPure which, in this case, offers an important advantage: it stores all versions of a single app. Why am I talking about "versions"? APKPure, unlike the other stores, not only keeps the latest update of the different applications but also hosts the previous apks. The usefulness is obvious: if you download the latest version of Netflix and you realize that it does not work, instead of letting yourself go to despair, just start the download of the penultimate apk. 


For lovers of RaiPlay is available on AppGallery the official application that allows you to stream TV series, fiction, films and documentaries. For free.


If you love sports then DAZN is the application for you, available directly on the AppGallery. The app allows you to take advantage of a rich sports catalog that includes three matches for each matchday of Serie A TIM, all matches of Serie BKT and European competitions such as LaLiga, the FA Cup and the EFL Championship.


Mediaset Play is the first quick app that we encounter but in reality the operation is not very different from that seen for YouTube and Google Maps.

What is the difference? And most importantly, what is a quick app?

A "quick app" is a service that includes a mobile version that can be accessed via browser. The quick apps are already present on the AppGallery and, once identified, just click on Open to be directed to the official website. At this point you will just have to add the shortcut to the Home screen to quickly access the service.

Basically, they therefore offer the same user experience as YouTube and Google Maps. The plus is represented by the ease of search. In fact, you do not have to use TrovApp or search the Internet for the correct link. You can do it all from the AppGallery.

Travel and mobility

ItTaxi on AppGallery

Now let's talk about large and small trips, both in Italy and abroad. Which applications are compatible with HMS devices?


The private car transport service can be exploited using the dedicated car transport service quick app, easily found on the AppGallery. You can then do the exact same things you are used to doing with the app: request the service, make the payment and rate the driver.


Su AppGallery instead find ItTaxi. The service allows you to book a taxi with a few clicks and works throughout Italy. 


Again you have a web version freely available, so you can search and book a house for your future holidays without difficulty. I remind you that, if you want to speed up the process, you can always add the official website to the Home screen.

Food delivery

Could the applications for food delivery be missing? Absolutely not. Here are the ones compatible with Huawei smartphone without Google app


Glovo, the service that not only delivers food at home but that can be used for any other kind of purchase and commission, is accessible thanks to the quick app which you can find on the AppGallery. We remind you that you can add the quick link to the home page to facilitate access.


Also for Just Eat the discourse is similar. Just look for the quick app on the official Huawei store and you can order any kind of dish in a few clicks. 

Banks and financial services

There are currently not many banking applications on AppGallery. Today it is possible to use Relax Banking Mobile, myCartaBCC e Bancaperta But do not panic: Huawei has assured us that it is working to bring many other apps to its store, starting with those related to the most famous banking institutions. Also in this case, of course, we can also rely on some convenient web versions. In fact, using the browser you can access Fineco Bank and N26.


Satispay, the all-Italian application that allows the exchange of money and much more, is available on the AppGallery.


Hype, the most important Italian challenger bank, is available on AppGallery and for all HMS smartphones. So if you have already opened an account you can use it from your new Huawei device; if you haven't done it yet, know that you can create one for free and in less than 5 minutes.


UBI Banca is the first credit institution to land on Huawei AppGallery. You can therefore access and manage your account without difficulty even using a smartphone or tablet of the Chinese giant.


In such a delicate period we cannot help but use the apps recommended by regions and governments. But can we also find them on Huawei smartphones without Google Apps? 


It is the app of the Lombardy Region and the “CercaCovid” tool is taken within it, which should help trace the infection. It will be available on AppGallery from today, April 23. 


immune, the official application for tracking the infection, will soon arrive on the AppGallery. 


It is the new application for access to local and national public services. For now it is not yet available on the official Huawei store but the company is doing everything possible to bring it to the AppGallery.

What about the other applications?

These are just some of the thousands of applications on the Chinese marketplace. We also remind you that you can also download the apps you need from Amazon App Store e APKPure and that you can take advantage of FindApp to locate quickly.

From AppGallery it is also possible send a report to Huawei to request the services you need and which for now are not available on HSM (Huawei Mobile Services) smartphones, while you can subscribe to the official Community to compare yourself with other users or to ask the company for help if you need it.

Finally, know that it will be our pleasure to update this guide to indicate new arrivals, new procedures and new tools useful to all those who have chosen to buy a new Huawei smartphone. 

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