League of Legends: revealed the new jungler Qiyana

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Riot Games showed the latest champion to join the roster of legends in league of legends. This is the new jungler Qiyana, the empress of the elements.

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Qiyana is an AD (Attack Damage) Assassin and hails from the new region of Runeterra called Ixtal and from its capital Ixaocan. Here is the official story of the hero:

In the jungle city of Ixaocan , capital of a completely new region of Runeterra called Ixtal , Qiyana traces her path to the top seat of Yun Tal. Last in line, Qiyana confronts those who stand in her way with brazen confidence and unprecedented mastery of elemental magic. With the land itself obeying her every command, Qiyana considers herself the greatest elementalist in the history of Ixaocan deserving not just a city, but an empire.

 Qiyana's abilities

  • Passive ability - Royal Privilege. Qiyana's first attack or first basic ability that damages an enemy deals bonus physical damage. Royal privilege has a cooldown for each enemy which resets when Qiyana casts Terrashape to change spell
  • Q – Edge of Ixtal / Elemental Wrath Qiyana swings her weapon, damaging enemies hit. Whenever Qiyana enchants her weapon with Terrashape, this ability updates to Elemental Wrath and restores its cooldown. Elemental Wrath: Qiyana charges her spell in one direction, the spell explodes at the first touch with the enemy or once the maximum distance is reached. Detonation damages enemies and adds additional elemental effects which are:
      • River Enchantment: Blocks hit enemies briefly and then slows them down
      • Wall Enchantment: Deals bonus damage to low health enemies
      • Brush Enchantment: leaves a trail of leaves that hides Qiyana and grants movement speed. The hideout vanishes if Qiyana attacks an enemy or leaves the area
  • W - Terrace shape Qiyana can target a river, wall, or bushes to dash towards them and enchant her weapon. While Qiyana's weapon is enchanted, she gains attack speed, her attacks and basic abilities deal bonus damage, and she gains out-of-combat movement speed as she approaches the corresponding terrain type.
  • E – Audacity Qiyana lunges at the enemy dealing physical damage.
  • R – Suprema Dispay of Talent. Qiyana creates a shockwave that repels enemies and stops when it hits a wall. Any river, wall or bush hit by the shock wave explodes to inflict physical damage on enemies and stun them

Qiyana is expected to be available in conjunction with the next League of Legends update expected by the end of June.

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