Mobvoi TicWatch C2 review: little elegance at the right price

Since it was founded, the Chinese company Mobvoi has successfully moved into various fields of technology, from voice recognition to accessories. In recent years, the company founded by Zhifei Li has enjoyed considerable success in the field of smartwatch. From 2015 to today, through the brand TicWatch, Mobvoi has brought products from theexcellent value for money.

Among these we also find TicWatch C2, which I have had the opportunity to try intensively in the last two weeks. I tell you about it in this review.

TicWatch S2 review: the resistance of a sportwatch and the comfort of Wear OS

The technical characteristics

When it comes to tech accessories, such as headphones, bracelets and, above all, watches, we always tend to consider a lot the aesthetic aspect. However, if the eye certainly wants its part, a gadget that is beautiful to look at but unusable, it is useless. The first step to guarantee a pleasant user experience is definitely a hardware di good level.

On this level TicWatch C2 offers a card interesting technique, but that still leaves room for a Some doubts.
Under the hood we find Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100, accompanied by 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. The screen is from 1.3 ″, a 360 × 360 AMOLED. From the point of view of connectivity we find the B.luetooth 4.1 and a WiFi antenna with 802.11 b / g / n standard. There is geolocation via GPS, GLONASS and Beidou services.

From the point of view of sensors we have gyroscope, accelerometer e sensor of beat. It also makes its appearance l’NFC, making this smartwatch, along with the TicWatch Pro, the only model of the trademark entitled to payments means Google Pay. The power supply is instead entrusted to a battery from 400 mAh, rechargeable via the special proprietary magnetic connector, while there is no wireless charging. Mobvoi also guarantees the presence of IP68 certification.

The choice to use Snapdragon 2100 on the one hand it is justifiable from price rather content of the smartwatch and is an important step forward compared to the Mediatek MTK MT2601 present on TicWatch E e S. On the other hand, however, the use of this processor lends itself to some criticism. This platform it is in fact old one year and the choice of Mobvoi compels the TicWatch C2 to a series of compromises. First of all the Bluetooth, which stops at version 4.1, instead of the more popular 4.2. The list of geolocation services immediately follows, among which the lack of the European positioning system GALILEO. 

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After a rather shaky start, Wear OS by Google is slowly gaining ground in the smartwatch market. Big G's operating system is well away from being able to be considered perfect, but it is  improving very quickly. The perfect one integration between SmartWatch e phone and a very large range of applications give this OS a considerable advantage over the competition.

    The possibility of reply ai messages, the integration of Google Assistant and the presence of apps such as Telegram e Spotify however, they cannot make people forget the extreme energy consumption of an otherwise functional and reactive system. The presence of Google Pay it's a plus not a little. After an initial uncertainty in the configuration It results to be very comfortable in everyday life.

    The aesthetics

    After talking about the SmartWatch itself, it is time to talk about how the latter appear.
    The TicWatch C2 is available on the market in three colors e two measures. More precisely the men's version from 20 mm it can be purchased in coloring Onyx o Platinum, while the women's version from 18 mm is available only in the variant Rose Gold.

    The smartwatch yes departs abbastanza by the brothers E2 and S2. If in the latter the dominant material is plastic, in this TicWatch C2 the premium side emerges predominantly. There cash of the clock is in stainless steel, while the strap supplied is in real leather. The latter has it quick release and can be replaced by any other 20mm watch band.
    On the right side of the smartwatch are present two keys: a classic one to access applications and to return to the home and a second fully programmable by the user to start any of the applications present.

      A small but pleasant detail it is the presence of one orange coloring I live in center of main button, to allow the distinction between the two buttons.

      Mobvoi's intent to give this smartwatch a connotation most premium and more suited to ad elegant environments, is definitely commendable. However, also thanks to the not excessive price, la feeling in holding it in the hand and on the wrist DON'T is that of a product really premium.
      The steel
      stainless sends a feeling di poor solidity, and the part in contact with the skin is all too closely reminiscent of that of the plastic. Il strap leather does its job and shows no signs of wear after several days of use, but again as for the case, the feeling transmitted DON'T is definitely of high quality or robustness.

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      Mobvoi TicWatch C2 review: how does it behave?

      Now let's put aside the objective data to tell you how TicWatch C2 behaves in everyday life.


      After a few weeks of using this smartwatch, I can feel myself absolutely satisfied. Despite some downsides, the device always turns out to be quite reactive e fluid in daily operations. The screen, albeit small, it appears to be easily readable also under the direct sun, without, however, being blinding in low-light environments. After setting a brightness level a little higher than the one present during the ignition phase, I must say to DON'T aver regret the lack of a sensor di brightness (whose presence, however, would not have been too much). Despite the size of the screen either reduced compared to that of the TicWatch E2, the results easily usable and response Through the integrated keyboard of Wear OS is possible, although it is not a very quick operation and the keyboard often does not transpose il touch.

      Il pedometer and sensor for the beat not allow one extreme precision. They can't hold a candle to dedicated sportwatches, but they are still a lot NUMBERS to get ageneral idea of the daily movement performed.


      Il weight di 50 g It allows forget di have the smartwatch al wrist once worn, and the strap keeps it fermo just enough for avoid annoying movements of the device during the movements of the arm.
      La satin finish makes less visible any scratch Checkout. Scratches that, in reality, may not be that difficult to get hold of. After a couple of weeks of use in normal environments, with chairs and tables, without any particular roughness, I had to find the presence of a small damage in the lower part of the smartwatch, near the hook of the strap.

      The latter presents alcune folds in area di hooking, and movable buckle results slightly bent at the entry point of the strap. However, apart from these two details, DON'T there are further Tracks di use and the skin shows no signs of contact with the body.


      We now come to the most controversial point, the battery.
      Mobvoi declares two days of use. However, keeping active l’always on display, I never managed to get to Late in the evening us more of 25-30% left.
      With a utilization a bit' shrewd it is therefore possible arrivare a two days, but as long as switch off lo screen and, after a certain time, use il energy saving. This duration battery is though totally upset in case it is maintained the NFC always active or the continuous measurement of beat. In such cases hardly you will manage to get to end of the day with a little more residual charge.

      TicWatch C2 review: buy it or not?

      Ultimately this DON'T you can call it one SmartWatch and surprises.
      The technical data sheet is nothing exceptional and the materials, however good, show the side of some criticisms.
      However il price to which it is sold succeeds in overturn la situation. At € 200 in fact they are few the smartwatches that can boast materials however precious, Wear OS, NFC, certificazione IP68 it's a distant line from "Toyiness" of other models.


        It is therefore one SmartWatch certainly not perfect, but that for the price and for the design can be a absolutely recommended purchase for those who do not want to spend a fortune on a device that is not essential, however, without giving up materials other than plastic and a decidedly more elegant look than the competition in this price range.

        TicWatch C2

        For Mobvoi TicWatch C2 review: little elegance at the right price
        • Competitive price
        • NFC
        • impermeability
        • Premium materials
        • Elegant appearance
        Cons Mobvoi TicWatch C2 review: little elegance at the right price
        • Low performance battery
        • Old hardware
        • Poor quality materials
        Mobvoi ticwatch ticwatch c2 smartwatch review Mobvoi TicWatch C2 review: little elegance at the right price
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