Nintendo Switch Lite: The games that cannot be played

We all know each other Nintendo Switch Lite, the smaller version of the Switch in which you can play using the portable mode, without taking advantage of the removable Joy-Con. And that already makes it different from its original version. If it were not, then, that many of the games available for Nintendo Switch are not actually compatible with the Lite version.

So what to do if you still want to buy the portable console? Nothing difficult. Just take a look at this list of off-limit games and decide accordingly whether to proceed with the purchase or not. Sit comfortably, as the list can be quite long.

Nintendo Switch Lite: games that are impossible to play (or almost)

Super Mario Party

If you really want to play Super Mario Party, you need motion control and HD rumble, two features that the Switch Lite lacks entirely. Sure, you can think of hooking up two Joy-Con externally, but remember that you will find yourself in front of a very small screen. Think about it well.


Still a game that requires motion control and HD rumble, which means it won't be easy to play on a handheld console. In reality, all games of this type are almost impossible to use if you own a Nintendo Switch Lite.

Just Dance

Without motion control, you go nowhere. There's no point trying to find a solution, because all dance games require motion control to track the player. The Lite does not have this functionality, so immediately abandon the idea of ​​having fun with Just Dance, because you cannot do it in any way.

Fitness Boxing

Here's another category of games absolutely banned by the Switch Lite: fitness games. This type also requires the ability to detach the Joy-Con to track your movements. Try it if you like. But you already know what the result will be.

Surgeon Simulator CPR

Those who lived their childhood in the nineties will surely remember "The cheerful surgeon", a board game that allowed Italian children to operate just as they were in the operating room. It would be nice to be able to do it with your Nintendo Switch Lite too, don't you think? Either way, you can't do it. No motion control means playing Surgeon Simulator doing damage to your patient's intestines. Let's avoid telling you how. And you avoid playing on the portable version, trust me.

Nintendo Labo

Here's a great family project from Nintendo. The game gives you the opportunity to design and create moldable cardboard to your liking. It goes without saying that the Lite version cannot help you in any way. There is no compatibility with the game, so consider buying something else if you really don't want to give up Nintendo Labo.

Ring Fit Adventure

At the suggestion of incompatible (or almost) games, do you remember Ring Fit Adventure? In its presentation, Nintendo showed us people moving around by maneuvering a strange plastic ring with a Joy-Con attached. A game that leads users to explore a new frontier of fitness. And there is no need to repeat that it will not be possible to use it in association with your Lite at all. We are sorry.

All games with reduced functionality

Super Mario Odissey

Wondering if you can play one of the latest Super Mario adventures? Nì. That is, you can do it, but by giving up some features. There are some Super Mario moves related to motion control, which means you won't be able to fully enjoy them on your handheld console. Also, the Lite makes it rather difficult for another player to take full control of Cappy while you have Mario's. In short, you can play half, let's put it this way.

Pokémon Let's Go

If you use your Nintendo Switch, this game allows you both to have fun with a second trainer, and to catch Pokémon using motion control by swinging the Joy-Con. If you are familiar with the features of the Lite, you know that this will not be possible at all. You can still play, mind you. But you'll have to catch Pokémon and complete the game using simple console commands.

The World Ends With You: Final Remix

This is perhaps one of the best Nintendo Switch Lite games. Except that the multiplayer functionality requires the use of two separate Joy-Con. The conclusion is up to you.

Astral Chain

Do you know what is one of the funniest features of Astral Chain? The ability to play with a friend. One of you will be a policeman, and the other a legion mate. Do you know what the limit of the Lite is? You need two separate Joy-Cons, and therefore cannot use the Lite.

Okami HD

We all agree that this game is made nothing short of splendid by the ability to use the touchscreen of the handheld console. Yet there is a but. Okami HD offers gamers the Joy-Con functionality to control the Basket Brush, but you already know you can't. How do you feel?

Taiko No Tatsujin Drum'N´ Fun!

The game comes directly with its Taiko Drum controller. And so far no problem. However, it must be said that it must be used using the Joy-Con, which means that some features will be automatically cut off.

Mario Tennis Aces

Do you really think Nintendo releases a tennis game without giving you the ability to move the Joy-Con however you want? Absolutely not. Still, you can still choose to use the handheld console commands. It's not the same, we understand. But it is still a start.

Any First Or Third Person Shooter

To be a great shooter on Nintendo Switch you will need motion control. It goes without saying that the Lite version is not suitable, although it still allows you to play by tilting the screen. But are we sure it's the same thing?

At this point, it seems pretty clear what can be used and what not with the Nintendo Switch Lite. Local multiplayer? The answer is no. Motion control? We would say no. Rumble HD? The console simply doesn't have any. IR sensor? It does not have one. Take into account when choosing what to buy, because this will decide what you can really play and what you have to give up.

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