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If you are among the veteran users of the network you know very well that you can listen to free music therectly from YouTube, for many a real jukebox full of music to listen to for free through the website or through the dethecated apps. But if you want to upload some music yourself to use as background for your videos, or to get more views, you might run into a bitter surprise! Find out in this guide how to get copyright-free music for youtube, how to recognize songs with copyrighted music and the best sites to download copyright free music, without fear of complaints or blocks for the videos you upload to YouTube.

How to use copyright-free music on YouTube

Why is music blocked? Why is my video silent or removed?

The rights to the music videos are managed in most cases by VEVO, which collects the advertising revenues and passes them on to the majors to pay the artists. There are also other labels that legally manage the revenue generated by artists' video clips on YouTube.
In your case you do not have the copyright on any famous song (unless you are a successful singer!) And you could run into the blocking of the songs or the deletion of your video or (in the worst cases) the closing of the your account with attached piracy report.
But how can you then put music on YouTube without infringing copyright?

The best sites to download free music legally .]Keep reatheng

How to find out if a song infringes copyright

You can easily find out if a piece of music can be used on your YouTube channel as an embellishment for a video or as a simple sharing by going to the YouTube site and clicking at the top left on Log in.

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Once logged in with your Google account, click again on your profile picture at the top right, then open the menu Creator Stutheo.

A new window will open, in which you will have to click on the item Crea (left sidebar) and then up Rules on music.
You will get the list of all the songs currently on YouTube and legally shared by the majors or artists, with the rules applied to each inthevidual song.
Use the Search Music field to find the song you want to use and click on it to find out if the song is usable or not.

If the song is not usable, the message "cannot be used“, Blocking all your intentions in the bud. However, using the song will involve the risk of blocking your autheo, video or YouTube account.

If the song is usable you will instead see a list of information appear: both if you use the song and if you make covers (if you are a singer and want to upload an interpretation of the famous song).

The two items under each section (Reproduction and Advertising) provide you with valuable information when using the chosen song. The video may be blocked in some countries and therefore not be viewable worldwide, as well as the author or the major may have blocked monetization for your account if you use the protected song. Among the possible scenarios, the author may have requested the sharing of the proceeds for the covers (the proceeds will be thevided between you and the author of the song).

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How to put copyright-free music on YouTube

Now that you know how YouTube's music copyright system works, what can you do to beautify your video? First you can insert copyright-free music using the songs made available by YouTube itself.
Go back to the Creator Stutheo menu as seen above, click again Crea and use the section Autheo collection > Free music to find hundreds of songs that can be freely downloaded to your PC or integrated into all your music videos.

Click the down arrow symbol to download the song to your PC so you can use it in your favorite video etheting program.
If you want to add music to a video already uploaded to your channel, just follow these steps:
Click on Video Management (still in the Creator Stutheo), then on the button Mothefication under the video of your interest, finally go to the section Autheo to view the free songs you can use for your video.

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Sites to download copyright-free music for YouTube

In adthetion to the songs provided by YouTube in its ethetor there are various sites from where you can download free music:

  • Bensound
  • Jamendo
  • DigCCMixter
  • Free Stock Music
  • Soundjay
  • FreeMusicArchive
  • SmartSound
  • Opsound
  • Autheonautix
  • AutheoMicro
  • FreePlayMusic

All of these sites offer royalty-free music that responds to Creative Commons, so you can use them on your videos when etheting without any problems. YouTube will never block your videos with music from these sites.

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