Oreo: the strangest tastes of cookies loved all over the world

How many gusti di Oreo exist? Lots, not counting the limited editions! I have collected the strangest variations, promising myself to try to taste them all!

Oreos are undoubtedly among the most loved cookies in the world by young and old. Its peculiarity, namely that of do not contain milk and animal derivatives, has also conquered the palate of vegan consumers.

Needless to say, these sweets also drive the Princesses crazy, but we got particularly interested in their story after Google, in 2017, decided to give the name Oreo to the eighth version of the operating system. Android.

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A little history of the Oreos

The sandwich biscuit first arrived on the market way back 1912. So, if you had any doubts, I'll clarify it immediately: the Ringo - bitter enemies - are much younger, even if more widespread in Italy.

According to Wikipedia, the company Nabisco was born in New York. The idea was to revolutionize the concept of a classic and somewhat boring biscuit. Initially, its shape was different (it looks like it was similar to a small mountain) and it was available in two flavors: cream and lemon meringue.

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The American people immediately developed a clear preference for the first taste, which later became the traditional one of the Oreos. Thus, in 1916, the shape of the biscuit changed and the main taste was cream. Finally, in 1952 the design of the treats became what we know.

As regards the nome "Oreo", there are several theories about it because the company that invented it was never clear about it:

  • It could come from the Greek: "oros" or "mountain" (just to remember the initial form) or "oreos" that is "beautiful";
  • From the French "or" meaning "gold", connecting to the color of the first packaging.

Oreo: the strangest tastes you wouldn't dare to imagine

Given the right premises, Oreos are traditionally known as the biscuit consisting of two wafers and a layer of vanilla cream. In fact, over the years variants have come on the market that you would not even dare to imagine.

Some can be considered real successes, which then remained available to the public. Others, or they were limited edition or they clashed - failing miserably - against the tastes of consumers.

When I was in the United States, I spent tens of minutes in the Thousand Department types of Oreo. With us, in Italy, the tastes are still the traditional ones. At most we can find the chocolate ones.

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A few versions I bought and gulped for breakfast during my stay in Las Vegas. Indeed, I was so good that I was able to bring a couple of packs to Italy, finished in you less than a week.

To try them all, however, you would have to travel the world and at the right times because otherwise there would be the risk of losing the most interesting limited editions. While waiting to succeed in my intent to travel the world by eating Oreos, I thought about dreaming, looking on the Web for i weirder tastes some famous biscuits!

Oreo, the strangest tastes and limited editions

Catalog all tastes of Oreo that have been marketed over the years would be impossible. However, a selection of special tastes and limited editions can help to understand how far the imagination of Mondelēz International, the company that currently produces and markets the famous biscuits, can go.

The types of Oreo currently on the market

Not only tastes, but also versions. In fact, the classic biscuit loved all over the world has continued to innovate even in its shapes. Oreos are currently available in form standard, ultra thin and double filling. Without forgetting the size, the famous sweets are also sold in mini size! The basic mixture of the two pods is also available with chocolate or vanilla.

Regarding the packaging, the manufacturing company has thought of everyone. Maxi packs, in paper or plastic, tubes, single portions, sachets. There is something for everyone!

Finally, how to neglect the products "derived" from the Oreos. There are cakes, candies, snacks, cheesecake dough, candy canes, ice cream, chocolate bars and lots of other hyper-calorie treats.

Each consumer therefore has at their disposal the version they prefer. In fact, alongside those who love the explosion of filling at the first bite, there are those who believe it is even disgusting to fill the biscuit with cream. Better a thin layer, which gives flavor without being too sweet. To each his Oreo, which is yours?

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