Our review of LARQ, the first self-cleaning bottle

We tested LARQ, the first bottle capable of self-cleaning and purifying water contained within it.

Let's find out how the LARQ bottle, launched by a Californian company, works and what its characteristics are.

LARQ: the spirit of the company

LARQ, a name that identifies both the Californian company and the product we will talk about, was born out of a need that stands out on the official website.

LARQ's, it says, is "a simple vision in which innovative technology can be combined with a stimulating design, to help people easily and sustainably access pristine drinking water. "

One of the founders, Justin Wang, then declared the company's ambitious mission: that of "permanently eliminate the need for disposable plastic bottled water".

Our review of LARQ, the first self-cleaning bottle

What is the LARQ self-cleaning bottle

The bottle LARQ works thanks to the patented PureVis ™ UV-C LED technology, which is non-toxic because it is completely mercury free.

It is precisely the LEDs present in the cap of the bottle that purify the water contained inside.

How LARQ works

First of all, you need to charge the bottle cap, thanks to the supplied micro-USB cable. During loading (which in the case of the product tested for our review was completed in a couple of hours) the cap ring lights up intermittently green. When the green color stops pulsing and remains steady, the charge can be considered complete. The guaranteed duration of a top-up is one month.

At this point all you have to do is fill the bottle with water, at least up to a level marked in the container (if this is not reached, the purification process does not begin).

After that, depending on how much you want to purify the water, you can press the center of the cap once or twice. This triggers a process that lasts one or three minutes respectively. This time the ring will flash blue until the end of the process.

After purification in "normal mode" (lasting one minute) or in "adventure mode" (lasting three) you will have eliminated up to 99,9999% of germs, bacteria and other harmful biological contaminants from the water and the bottle.

Our review of LARQ, the first self-cleaning bottle

Why it works

A rechargeable lithium polymer battery is housed in the lid of the LARQ bottle, and the proprietary UV-C LEDs last up to 40 times longer than conventional mercury-based UV technology.

The cap's UV-C LEDs trigger a photochemical reaction that destroys the DNA of viruses and bacteria. UV-C technology, to understand its effectiveness, is now used in hospitals to sterilize the surfaces of patient rooms.

Self-cleaning and thermal seal

The LARQ bottle doesn't just purify freshly poured water. In fact, a self-cleaning process is triggered every two hours, to avoid the well-known bad smells of bottles, when water remains inside them for a long time. During the days of testing we deliberately left the water inside the container for several hours, and the flavor actually remained unchanged.

Furthermore, Double-walled stainless steel construction for thermal insulation keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

The models on the market

The LARQ bottle was marketed in two different versions. The classic model, LARQ Bottle, is available in five colors and with capacities of 500 or 740 milliliters. The LARQ we tested, as you can see from the two pictures… amateur, is the black version of 740 milliliters.

Then there is the LARQ Bottle Moviment variant, in seven two-color patterns, from 710 or 950 milliliters. Designed "for outdoor adventures", as we read on the official website, it is lighter than the standard version. On the other hand, it does not have thermal insulation (determined precisely by the double stainless steel structure, which increases its weight).

With far-sightedness, the Californian company also sells only the LARQ cap individually. Also available are the micro-USB cable, a neoprene case, a silicone case and a silicone cap with a snap hook.

Our review of LARQ, the first self-cleaning bottle

LARQ and the environment

LARQ is attentive to the environment not only because the product has no filters to change and is the first portable water purification system that does not use mercury.

By purchasing a LARQ bottle, part of the sum is donated to 1% for the Planet, a program that funds environmental non-profit organizations around the world.

Tests and considerations

The quality of the water purification using UV-C LEDs, although the writer of these lines is not a laboratory technician and had to limit himself to his own taste buds, was truly excellent. The self-cleaning, then, avoids any corruption of the flavor even after many hours.

The design is captivating, and the fact that the autonomy with a single charge is one month eliminates many of the doubts related to the not excessively low cost.

Even because, potentially, taking LARQ with you is able to drink water from any source with peace of mind. In addition to eliminating a large waste of plastic. Two great comforts for frequent travelers.

The only limit, at least in the version we tested, is the size and weight. But the pros of this product seem to us to far outweigh the cons (which have already been obviated with the Moviment version).

Our review of LARQ, the first self-cleaning bottle LARQ Bottle 500ml - Self-cleaning water bottle and ...
  • The LARQ bottle is the world's first self-cleaning water bottle, which uses the innovative UV-C LED technology ...
  • Pure water in 60 seconds - works at the touch of a button, and self-cleans by turning on every 2 hours in ...
  • With its double-walled stainless steel construction for thermal insulation, it keeps water cold for 24 ...
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LARQ and the Amazon Launchpad program

The LARQ self-cleaning bottle is part of the Amazon Launchpad program, launched in 2015 and present in several European countries as well as in the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico and India.

Amazon Launchpad, which today has a shop of about 12.000 products, aims to support the launch of startups offering innovative products, divided into more than 30 categories including electronics, fashion and furniture. So far, Amazon Launchpad, which also organizes the Startup of the Year award, has facilitated more than 2.000 startups in Europe. This is also thanks to the collaboration with over 200 venture capital companies, start-up accelerators and crowdfunding platforms.

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