PS5 wears black in a new custom edition

It's time to take a look at this brand new black PS5, with a custom design that is inspired by the PS2. In fact, a company called SUP3R5 and that will sell customized versions of the new console by Sony. As this is a custom PS5 inspired by the design of the PS2, the panels that detach from the side of the console are black. And the DualSense controller is black, to match it best. That said, Sony will almost certainly put an end to this operation. It's probably just a matter of time. So, if you are planning to buy one of these, proceed with caution for numerous reasons.

The new model of black PS5

Can't wait to get your hands on a PS5 with a different design than Sony's? Well, then you will have a chance to get hold of one of these on January 8th. According to the company's Twitter profile, pre-orders will open on January 8 at 12.00 noon PST. This will happen next Thursday. Which means you only have a few days to prepare for your purchase attempt.

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However, there are some things you should consider before shelling out the money to get them. It costs $ 650 for the console with one controller and $ 100 for a controller alone.

Additionally, these will be available in extremely limited runs. Only 304 will be made (500 for the controller), to commemorate the release date of the PS2 which was March 4, 2000. Or rather, converted, as the company calls it. Since it's not really about making the consoles, it's just about converting the design to look a bit like the PS2.

Refunds not allowed on purchases

Also, no refunds are allowed on these purchases. Although the company notes that it can make exceptions at its own discretion. However, this doesn't leave consumers with the utmost confidence in spending so much money. The most important thing to consider is that you lose the warranty on the DualSense if you choose one of these converted models.

SUP3R5 claims to have to completely disassemble the DualSense controller to complete the conversion. This will invalidate the warranty. And since there are no refunds, if something goes wrong with your controller afterwards, even if it's still within the warranty period, you will be out of luck and will likely have to buy a new one.

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