Salto is finally available: how to test the new streaming service for free

Salto, the new streaming platform, has been available in Your country since October 20, 2021. The subscription, without obligation, costs € 6,99 per month. It is possible to test the service for free for one month.

The home page

After months of controversy over the very viability of the Salto service is finally available in Your country. The service has 10 viewing hours, taken from a catalog compiled by TF000, the channels of the group Your Country Télévisions and M1. Concretely there are two types of content on Salto :

  • The channels TF1, Your country Televisions and M6 live (TF1, Your country 2, Your country 3, Your country 5, M6, W9, TMC, TFX, Your country 4, Gulli, TF1 Series Films, 6ter, Your country Info, TV Breizh, Téva, votre ville Première, Ushuaïa TV and Histoire TV) with their replay offer
  • Series, films and documentaries - not only from the channel fund since Salto obtained, for example, the broadcasting rights for season 4 of Fargo

Three Salto subscription offers are available, depending on the number of screens. There's the Only formulas (1 screen) at 6,99 euros per month, Duo (two screens) at € 9,99 per month and Tribe (4 screens) at € 12,99 per month. The price positioning is very similar to that of Disney + billed at 7 euros per month. The service is therefore more expensive than Amazon Prime Video (49 euros per year) or Apple TV +. It should significantly increase your streaming budget if you are already subscribed to other platforms like Netflix and OCS.

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How to test Salto for free for a month

Salto allows you to test the service for free for one month. To do this, simply go to, click on the button “Take advantage of a free trial month” and register. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take advantage of the offer without providing your bank details.. This means that at the end of the trial month, you will have to manually unsubscribe otherwise you will be billed for the offer you selected during registration.

For now, you can watch Salto content via several reception modes. The service is available directly in your browser on The service also has an Android and iOS app. This means that you can consult Salto on your smartphone, your Android TV box / television or your Apple TV. Surprisingly for a of the country streaming service, Salto is currently not available on any operator box (except of course those under Android TV).

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