Science fiction TV series: the most beautiful to watch in streaming

You are passionate about science fiction tv series? Well, today we talk about those. It is a genre that is loved or hated, kept on its toes or bored. The science fiction genre over the years has gathered more and more fans, including films and TV series also the contents to be seen have increased and diversified. Today we are talking about 10 science fiction TV series to watch in streaming, for a marathon with a bit of a nerd taste.

Science fiction TV series to watch in streaming

You've probably seen some of these science fiction TV series if you're into the genre. Some are a few years old, so you may have seen them on TV, but here's where to find them streaming.

The lady of science fiction TV series: Star Trek

Star Trek is an American TV series from the second half of the 60s. Set in the future, it tells the adventures of the crew of the starship Enterprise of the Federation of United Planets, "directed to the exploration of new worlds, in search of other forms of life and civilization, to get where no man has ever gone before". If you want to retrace the adventures of Star Trek, you can find it on Netflix.

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Doctor Who

The tv series Doctor Who tells of the adventures of Doctor, for an time and space traveler, and her companions and companions aboard the Tardis. He is the last Time Lord, an alien race from the planet Gallifrey and finds himself battling evil aliens to save the universe from premature destruction, including deadly enemies, the Daleks, destroyers of his native planet and his race. . You can see this tv series on Amazon Prime Video.

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Westworld - Where everything is allowed

A curious and intriguing science fiction TV series, available on NOW. It is set in an inaccurate time in the future, Westworld, one of six theme parks owned and operated by Delos Inc., allows guests to experience life in the American Old West in an environment populated by “hosts,” androids programmed to satisfy every guest's wish.

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Science fiction tv series: X-Files

Perhaps the best known of the science fiction TV series is X-Files, available in streaming on Disney +. The fiction is about Fox Mulder, an FBI agent who works in an industry where cases deemed inexplicable and supposedly supernatural in nature are cataloged. Mulder's passion for such cases stems from the obsession with the traumatic memory of his sister's abduction, which he said was carried out by the aliens.

The expanse

A tv series available on Amazon Prime Video. In the XNUMXth century, the solar system was colonized by humans. Unfortunately there is a situation of precarious balance due to the tensions between the Earth and the ex-Martian colonies, now independent under the banner of the Martian congressional Republic. The social degradation in which a large part of the population of the outposts survive in the main asteroid belt and on the outer planets brings unrest.

Raised by Wolves - A new humanity

Latest TV series exclusively on NOW. Raised by Wolves set in the 22nd century, it tells of two androids, Mother and Father, fleeing with human embryos from a war-ravaged Earth. Their job is to raise human babies on the mysterious planet, Kepler-XNUMX b. After a few years, only one of the children survives and it turns out that on the planet there are other terrestrials, who have also fled. While the human colony threatens to be destroyed by the religious differences within it, the androids learn that controlling the beliefs of human beings is a difficult and dangerous task.

Battlestar Galactica

It is a war of devastating proportions: from a population of billions of human beings to a few tens of thousands of survivors. Only the Battlestar Galactica led by William Adama, a long-time war veteran, remains standing. To find out more, you just have to watch this TV series on Amazon Prime Video.

Another science fiction TV series: Continuum

Vancouver, 2077. When the Liber8, a group of rebels, flee in the year 2012 to change the past and subvert the dictatorial regime of the future. Officer Kiera Cameron is involuntarily involved in the process. Aided by detective Carlos Fonnegra and other members of the police department of the time, including computer genius Alec Sadler, Kiera works to find and stop the fighters without revealing their identity, and without losing the desire to return home and reunite with the family. Continuum is found on Amazon Prime Video.

Un classicone: Futurama

Futurama we have all seen it at least once after lunch, as children. It is an American sitcom based in a human and at the same time alien world, with particular animated creatures. The characteristic element are the allusions and parodies inspired by science fiction literature and cinematography. Many humorous ideas arise from an absurd and exasperated vision of technology (which for example created the automated suicide booths, or the fruit salad bonsai tree) and of how humans find themselves living with robots and alien creatures that possess their own vices and virtues. You can relate to Futurama on Disney +.

The man in the high castle

The man in the high castle is set in America, in 1962. In a possible past in which the world war was won by the Nazis, the United States no longer exists and its territory has been divided between Germany and Japan. To the west are the Japanese Pacific States; to the east rises the Great Nazi Reich. An accurate reflection on a possible chilling scenario. If you haven't seen it you can fix it, find it in streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

We could continue this list of science fiction TV series indefinitely. But we would like to know which are your favorites and what you have removed and put in this short list, let us know in the comments.

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