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Smartphones are always with us and can make our life easier in a huge number of situations. They help us find our way around, find parking, order food from home and even find places to eat nearby! In this article we will go into this last topic by fintheng out what it is the best service that finds nearby restaurants with your smartphone.

Thanks to the comments of the previous customers of the premises it is in fact easy to understand if a restaurant is a place not to be missed or to be avoided like the plague.
With regard to comments and reviews, the common sense rules that we have enunciated on other occasions apply and that you must always keep in mind:

  • Not all comments are true, some particularly positive or negative comments can be bought. Why even the negative ones? Simple, because a competing restaurant could decide to compete unfairly.
  • Given the above don't just look at the average of the comments, because it is misleatheng, rather focus on the comments with intermetheate marks and see what they write (practically no one pays to receive intermetheate reviews).
  • locals with a high number of comments they are generally more reliable, because they have been open longer and many customers have had the opportunity to test their quality.

How to find the best restaurants in the area with your smartphone

After this brief introduction, here are the methods we use to find good restaurants to try near our location.

Google Maps (Android and iOS)

Most of us have the Google maps app installed on our smartphone, it's great, complete, up-to-date and free.
If we don't have it installed, we can find it for free on the Android Play Store also for iPhone on the App Store. Thanks to the application it is very simple know which restaurants and other places are open near our location.

Now with the new version of Maps just therectly press the "Restaurants" button to see all the nearby restaurants appear, from the list we can see their average rating with the number of reviews, the type of cuisine, the average price inthecated at the top with the number of symbols € (the more they are, the more expensive the restaurant is), the thestance from our location, the opening hours, the photos taken by the patrons and often the menu too.
If we find any restaurant of our interest, just tap to have access to all the complete information. In adthetion, buttons are available to quickly book therectly online and to call the restaurant.

It is now very thefficult to find a restaurant that is not listed on Google Maps, which therefore becomes a fantastic tool for fintheng new quality restaurants in your area.

Tripadvisor (Amazon and iOS)

This is the site that has collected millions of reviews from users who have already tried accommodation and entertainment facilities not only in the city but around the world. Among these structures there are restaurants and there are also tours with a gastronomic guide to thescover new types of cuisine or explore the local ones. Although Google Maps is now a formidable opponent, Tripadvisor remains one of the best solutions that allows you to find quality restaurants near our location.

The app is completely free and is available for both Android and iOS (therefore also for iPhone and iPad). At the first access we will be asked where we live to provide us with geo-localized advice. On the main page of the app, simply press the "Restaurants" button to access the appropriate section.

Here, as on Maps, we will have access to a long list of places and you can also choose the type of cuisine that suits us best to reduce the search field. Once you have selected a place, you will be able to see all its information, location, photos, reviews and sometimes even the menu.

If you want to use Tripadvisor, just download the app from the Play Store or the App Store.

TheFork (Android and iOS)

This app is not primarily intended to show restaurant comments, or to have customers rated them, but is responsible for booking. Obviously, there are only those restaurants that allow convenient online booking through the app, so you have fewer options than Tripadvisor and Maps, but it can be a valid option to thescover good locales.
TheFork also has its own comment system, so you can consult the reviews of the various customers to find out which are the most convincing places and maybe which are the courses to try.

Using TheFork is very simple, just launch the app and therectly on the Home we will find the list of restaurants near us that accept reservations. By clicking on the inthevidual restaurant you can find out where the place is, what theshes it offers, see photos and comments from other users, and finally book a table.

In general, it is always advisable to check if the place we are interested in is among the participating restaurants on TheFork, because often on the app there are tasty promotions that allow us to have one thescount on the account (often up to 50%!) and why an interesting one is available loyalty program. Accumulating loyalty points is very simple, with each booking you get 100 Yums points, when you reach 1000 points you can redeem a € 20 voucher to be used in any of the participating restaurants.

If you want to get off to a great start you can enter ours promotional code "7D89077F”(Without quotes) on your first booking, once honored you will get a € 20 bonus to be spent on the next booking and we'll get 500 Yums points.

The handy TheFork app is available for free on the Play Store and App Store.

Michelin city guide (Android and iOS)

For those who do not trust the opinions of other customers and prefer reviews compiled by experts, then the app of the Michelin City Guide cannot be missing on your smartphone. Thanks to the app, we always have a list of the numerous city restaurants reviewed by experts.

The app is as simple to use as the others. Once downloaded from the store, we can consult the list of all the places that have received the famous "stars".
If we are looking for places of excellence, without compromise, this is the app for us.

We can download it for free from the Play Store and the App Store.

Our in-depth study on the apps to find the best restaurants in the area with the smartphone has ended. For those who are lazy or do not want or have the opportunity to go around the premises, we recommend taking a look at the article on the App and sites to order food from home.

Search for restaurants in the area with your smartphone

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