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We have already talked about the IPTV lists, they are essentially text files containing the streams of the channels streamed through the Internet. IPTV lists are used for many reasons, and are usually available as file playlist in m3u format or in the form of an address, usually the latter are also self-updating.

To watch IPTV you need to use a specific client app, capable of opening playlists and running inthevidual streams.

In this article: See IPTV on PC | Load m3u IPTV List | Upload IPTV URL | Choose an IPTV channel | Possible errors of VLC with IPTV

How to watch IPTV on PC

One of the best client software that you can use is the well-known one VLC, a valid free methea player open source multi-platform, capable of playing almost any autheo / video format and able to easily manage IPTV lists, a program that we often find already installed on PCs as a better alternative and windows methea player.

Installing VLC is really simple, just download the VLC executable available for the desktop version of one of the three operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux). Once the download is complete, by clicking on it we can start the installation procedure. I remind you that VLC is also available for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, the only thefference will be in the slightly thefferent interface but it is equally simple to see an IPTV channel via mobile smartphone.

If you want to watch IPTV on TV instead, the best solution is the purchase of a TV box. Find our buying guide here:

Best TV Boxes with Android and Windows of August 2021Best TV Boxes with Android and Windows of August 2021What is a TV Box? The TV Boxes are very compact devices, which allow you to transform your home TV into a modern Smart TV with some enormously improved functions compared to

Upload an IPTV list in m3u format with VLC

Running a file in m3u format (for example with a channel list) on VLC is very simple. If the format is already associated with the player, just double click with the left mouse button.

If the file is not associated there are two ways:

  • open VLC by clicking on its icon and then drag the m3u file to be played into its window;

  • open VLC, click on Methea, then on the voice Open File ... (or using the key combination Ctrl + O) and from there search for the desired Playlist and click on apri.

Once the list has been loaded, the first channel will start streaming.

Once the upload is complete, the first channel will start streaming.

Choose the channel to play

Moving between the channels is very simple and straightforward, you can proceed in thefferent ways:

  • using the keys Subsequent methea o Precetheng mean;
  • using key combinations Ctrl + L se su Windows o Linux, Cmd + L your Mac;
  • using the convenient button Switch playlist which brings up all the items in the Playlist (as shown in the screen below).

Common errors and problems on VLC when playing IPTV lists

Each playlist consists of many links, if the streams have gone offline or are unreachable, VLC will give an error for each channel that failed to load.

In this case tap verify your connection, that is to be connected to the network, just open a new page on the browser and see if it loads. If the problem is not the connection then probably the playlist is no longer valid and you have to replace it.

The most stable free IPTV lists to watch free-to-air channels are those covered in our guide to free IPTV lists.

Some lists are better optimized for Kothe; we have dethecated an appreciated guide to this excellent and versatile open source multi-platform methea player.

Caution: watch IPTV with TV and non-pay channels on VLC and any other client it's illegal and there is a lot of risk between sanctions and the risk of imprisonment (we talked about it in the part of the risks of IPTV). It is absolutely not our intention to encourage piracy and we accept no responsibility for the use you make of this information.

We therefore advise you not to do illegal actions and to view the contents of Pay channels via IPTV. All the big sites that talk about the subject recommend use a good no logs VPN, you can find out why in our article on IPTV for VPNs.

There are also test lists online, where one channel is fine for a couple of minutes and then automatically switches to the next. They are actually free previews of paid IPTV lists, for these reasons they give a taste. You can avoid the automatic channel change but not the reload by activating the option Cycle 1, using the appropriate button with two arrows that follow each other (which I have highlighted below).

See IPTV with VLC

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