Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review: the story of Cal Kestis

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review: the story of Cal Kestis

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is the Star Wars game we needed. Leaving aside the poor results achieved with Battlefront, Electronic Arts has in fact decided to go back to the origins. Not only from a purely temporal point of view, given that the title is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, but also of genre. We are not in fact facing the now inflated shooters, but ad an adventure that tries to act as a trait d'union between two trilogies re-proposing the atmosphere, mysticism and suggestions typical of the George Lucas saga.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review: the story of Cal Kestis

The story told by Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is completely unedited, as is its protagonist. Cal Kestis in fact he is not a familiar name to fans of the saga, but a young padawan who miraculously escaped the purge of the Empire.

Cal lives on Bracca, works as a wrecker and has been hiding his true identity and his connection with the Force for years. Then the accident, the daring escape, the collision with the Second Sister and meeting his new friends: Cere and Greeze. The first is a former Jedi who has decided to abandon the ways of the Force, the second the skilled Mantis pilot.

Thus a ramshackle team takes shape led by a surprisingly ambitious goal: to rebuild the order of the Jedi.

To do this, however, not only a little good will is needed, but a mysterious artifact that Cal will have to search from planet to planet, in the meantime facing the most disparate enemies, from the classic Stormtroopers to the fierce Brothers of the Night.

Alongside the main plot, which will keep you busy about 15/20 hours, you will find some unexpected and very welcome twists, but also a flood of references to the Star Wars universe, to the third chapter of the saga and to the animated series The Clone Wars . A cauldron in which Star Wars fans will truly wallow with pleasure.

Of course this doesn't stop newbies from playing Fallen Order. Indeed, thanks to the large database, you could get close to one of the most famous film sagas of all time.

Did someone say Tomb Raider?

Much of your time will be spent exploring the five planets included in the game. However, don't expect to immediately access every area of ​​the map. To beat every inch of these lands you will need to proceed with the story and unlock Cal's hidden abilities. A ploy that allowed the developers to bring us back to the same planet several times, giving us the opportunity to explore new areas, find other components of the sword and find out more about the activities of the Empire.

All this running, jumping, climbing and solving puzzles will bring you back to mind the indomitable actions of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider or those of Nathan Drake in Uncharted. Of course, with a difference: here you not only have the Force to make everything more fun, but you can also count on the help of BD-1. The little robot, who will become part of your strange family after a trip to Bogano, will be your most precious ally. Not only because he will rummage through crates for Mantis skins or new outfits for Cal, but also because of his ability to gather information, unlock doors, or activate mechanisms. All of this will make BD-1 your best friend.


A challenging battle

If on the one hand we have the exploration and solving of environmental puzzles, on the other we have the substantial hack 'n slash component of the latest work by Respawn Entertainment. But don't imagine a series of boring and unexciting clashes. First of all the game offers challenges of increasing difficulty, which will make battles fun even after you have acquired most of the skills provided by the skill tree. Secondly, the development team seems to be there inspired by souls-like, a similarity that you will notice by opting for the higher difficulty levels, namely "Jedi Master" and "True Jedi Master". In this case you will have to carefully study the moves of the opponents, dose the Strength bar well and calibrate your attacks. In short, if you are looking for a challenging game, you have found bread for your teeth.

To complicate matters there are two further elements. On the one hand we have game maps that are incredibly complex and structured on several floors, something that will not always make it easy to move from point A to point B. Secondly you will have to consider that, in case of premature death at the hands of an opponent, you will lose all the accumulated experience, which will slow down the acquisition of new skills.

Along the way you will also find areas dedicated to Meditation, ie save points where spend your PA to acquire skills related to Strength, Lightsaber and Defense. Here you can also restore your health. But be careful: recovering your energy will lead to the regeneration of defeated enemies.

Technically imperfect

Artistically speaking, Jedi Fallen Order is undoubtedly a successful title. The mysterious clearings of Kashyyyk, the dangerous depths of Dathomir and the complexity of Zeffo can only impress you, a sensation amplified by the chromatic choices, the excellent particle effects and the excellent work done by Respawn on the lighting.

To all this you have to add the baggage of Star Wars, with its imperial cruisers, the Stormtroopers, the mysticism that surrounds the order of the Jedi and the evanescent Force. Being enchanted is practically a certainty.

Unfortunately it is not lacking some obvious technical defects. Cal Kestis's movements, especially in the exploratory phases, are often imprecise; then there are glitches, frame rate drops and pop up phenomena. Nothing that couldn't be solved with a little more time and attention.

On the other hand, the sound sector is impeccable, that respects the traditional without being afraid to dare with some really successful original composition, as well as the dubbing in Italian, which is really well done.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review: buy it or not?

I deeply loved Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. It's one of those titles that it's hard to break away from, one that you hope to go home to soon to understand how the story of Cal Kestis will evolve. The narrative component, however, is only the piece of a more complex puzzle, a puzzle also composed of the fanservice, the nostalgia effect and a surprisingly articulated combat system.

In short, on balance we can only recommend the latest Respawn effort, especially if you are a fan of the series. Sure, it's not a perfect video game, but let's hope it's a great taste of what awaits us in the future.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Pro Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review: the story of Cal Kestis
  • Compelling storyline
  • Combat system esaltante
  • Promoted audio sector
  • Artistically a masterpiece
  • Fanservice a palate
Cons Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review: the story of Cal Kestis
  • Improved from a technical point of view
  • Less say 20 pray to finish it
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