Telegram 5.11: the programmed messages arrive

Telegram 5.11: the programmed messages arrive

Just over two weeks have passed since the last update of Telegram which, among other innovations, added an action to the long press of the send key, or the possibility of sending a silent message, that is, without notification for the recipient. Today comes Telegram 5.11 in which, among other small additions, there is a decidedly important novelty: the possibility of scheduling the sending of messages. Let's see what this option could do for you.

Telegram 5.11: here's how to program messages 

If you have not received the update notification, rest assured, it is arriving on all devices (including desktops). Once the app has been updated, simply compose your message, hold down the enter key for a few seconds and press "message schedule". At this point the cursor will exit and will allow you to select the exact date and time of sending. Once the post has been correctly programmed, Telegram will take care of respecting the time and sending the text you have programmed.

This function is particularly useful especially for those who manage, for example, a channel on Telegram. Often you would like to publish various posts but doing it continuously can be annoying, by scheduling them instead you can distribute them throughout the day and thus have a series of less annoying content. The possibility of programming any type of message is particularly interesting, then photos included, a feature that makes the function even more complete.

Until now, it wasn't entirely impossible to schedule a post, but to do so, given the lack of integration, it was necessary to use a third-party bot, put it as the admin of the group and, in any case, perform a series of rather complicated and unintuitive operations. Thanks to this ingenious new integration, everything is more comfortable, faster and above all effective.

Likewise, it may be possible to use this programming function together with the "Saved messages“, Your personal space on Telegram, in order to create a sort of ToDo with memos. If you do not want to use other apps or simply the classic reminder, you can auto-program a post within your private space on Telegram to obtain a ToDo with an effective push notification.

Once the message is actually sent after programming it, you will receive a notification with a special calendar icon confirming that it was actually sent.

Telegram 5.11 other news

Not only programming messages, Telegram 5.11 brings with it other innovations described as "minor" but which could still be interesting for users. Thanks to the new function "Custom Cloud ThemesYou can now change every single part of the Telegram UI, thus deciding colors and fonts, and synchronizing it across all the apps on your account.

In this way, it will change the appearance of the app according to your personal taste both on smartphones and on tablets and desktops. Although changing the appearance of the app was already possible from 2017 (although not in such a profound way) now everything changes and not only becomes more complete, but also can be synchronized in the Cloud.

On iOS it was also redesigned the small cloud which contains options for quick reply, message forwarding, and more. It is now also possible to select even a small portion of text instead of all text for quick sending.

News also with regard to Privacy: As you know, public Telegram groups can have up to 200.000 members. For this reason, it was necessary to improve some privacy measures, such as the possibility for others to see your number. The contacts that concern you can be completely obscured, as well as the possibility of contacting you outside the group and so on. Only those who already have your number (because you gave it to them personally) will be able to see all your contacts.

Finally, new animated emojis have been added that are automatically displayed if you send one of them:?,?,?,?,?,?.

You can find Telegram on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux and on the web.

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