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Ordering food from home and eating it from the comfort of your sofa is one of the tastiest privileges in the world it's not always easy find the right application. So get ready to discover with us the five best applications for food delivery: ordering from home has never been easier.

The best apps for food delivery: Deliveroo

To how many of you, especially in this time of year when it is cold and rainy, the desire for is completely gone go out to eat? Of course, even the ongoing pandemic element doesn't help much. For this reason we prefer to rely on food delivery applications. With a few clicks and half an hour of waiting (at best), we can enjoy the comfortably from our sofa dish we have been thinking about for the whole day.

Are you craving Japanese, Chinese or maybe a nice crispy pizza? Fear not, because the applications we are going to tell you about are ready to give you so many incredible emotions and, above all, they are ready to satisfy your palate.

The first application we want to recommend is Deliveroo, one of the best around. The app is available on both iOS and Android and allows you to order pretty much anything you want. Old Wild West, McDonald's, KFC but also sushi restaurants, wraps and much more. Plus it covers more than 150 cities distributed throughout the national territory.

One of the peculiarities of Deliveroo is the possibility of inserting, rightly, some preferences. Are you vegetarian or vegan and are you looking for the perfect dish to eat on this cold winter evening? Just click on the "vegetarian" or "vegan" label and Deliveroo will show you all the restaurants closest to you from which to order.

You will also find more generic labels such as dessert, pizza o Thai food o American. Deliveroo has the answer ready for anything and is ready to satisfy your every request. You can pay via PayPal, credit card or in cash, upon delivery.

The application also boasts the function of pre-order, for an modern design and shows you apreview of feedback from other users, so that you know in advance how other users have found themselves with that particular restaurant. The only flaw is that it is not possible to select the time slot delivery.

The service guarantees delivery up to a maximum of 3 km and, through the app, you can follow via GPS the courier on the way. Finally, the application also offers the Deliveroo Business service to bring meals to the office and share them with your colleagues.

Download QR-Code Deliveroo: Food Delivery Developer: Deliveroo Price: Free Download QR-Code Deliveroo: Food Delivery Developer: Deliveroo Price: Free

Glovo, the best value for money

Another valid application for food delivery is undoubtedly Glovo that, in Italy, covers the whole national territory. One of the main aspects of Glovo concerns the deliveries: the Spanish company it doesn't just deliver food but also supermarket products, medicines, newspapers and much more.

Anything you need, Glovo delivers it to you, provided that the product you have ordered is transportable by moped or bicycle e does not exceed 9 kg. Also, if what you need is not in stock, you can make free inquiries.

It too, like Deliveroo, offers a very extensive and rich menu. You will find pizzerias and hamburgers but also poke houses, sushi restaurants, sandwich shops and large fast food chains. It is possible to pay cash only, at the time of delivery, or through credit card. PayPal service is not supported.

The application is available on both iOS and Android.

Download QR-Code Glovo Home food and more Developer: Glovoapp 23SL Price: Free Download QR-Code Glovo - Home delivery Developer: Glovoapp 23 SL Price: Free

The best apps for food delivery: Uber Eats

We continue our list of best applications for food delivery with Uber Eats, available both on iOS and Android. Uber Eats appartiene ad Uber, the private car transportation company founded in 2014 and headquartered in San Francisco.

The service arrived in ours only two years later and, to date, covers roughly 200 cities on the national territory. The application is very simple and intuitive to use and allows you to choose the restaurant based on the type of cuisine and at offers available. Here, too, you have the opportunity to track delivery via GPS on a map.

Another benefit of the service is the ability to receive discounts by email which can then be used via the application. Here it is possible pay cash, upon delivery, with the credit card, PayPal and also GooglePlay. The service also offers the possibility of choose your preferred time slot and even delivers in areas that are not too central.

Compared to other applications and its competitors, however, offers less variety of cuisines.

Download QR-Code 鈥嶶ber Eats: Consegna di cibo Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc. Price: Free Download QR-Code Uber Eats: Consegna di cibo Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc. Price: Free

Just Eat

It cannot be missing from our list Just Eat, one of the more services long-lived in the industry. Just Eat was founded in Denmark in the distant 2000 but it only arrived in our country in 2011. Thanks to his long experience, he is one of the more widespread food delivery services.

In fact, the brand operates in about 13 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania and Denmark.

Just Eat offre a wide and incredible choice of local takeaway restaurants and helps his client through the use of different filters. This application also allows you to track your delivery through the GPS: however, compared to the others, it does not always manage to be precise and accurate.

It is possible to pay with the cashThrough credit cards and also with PayPal.

Download QR-Code Just Eat Italy - Ordina pranzo e cena a Domicilio Developer: Just-Eat Holding Limited Price: Free Download QR-Code 鈥嶫ust Eat ITA Cibo a Domicilio Developer: Price: Free

MyMenu, for less quality food

We conclude our list of best applications for food delivery with MyMenu, certainly the smaller service than the others as, at the moment, it covers only 6 cities (Bologna, Brescia, Milan, Modena, Padua and Verona). The service was born in Padua in 2013 and has grown over the years.

Compared to other applications, however, the service wants aim at a medium-high customer base. A distinctive feature that differentiates it in particular from other services. MyMenu in fact offers a selection of restaurants that stand out in particular, and above all, for theirs quality. Available venues include Finger's Garden, Don Juan, Trita and Delicatessen. 

The service also allows you to collect your order directly at the chosen venue and it is possible to pay through credit cards, American Express e PayPal.

Download QR-Code 鈥嶮ymenu Ristoranti a domicilio Developer: MYMENU SRL Price: Free Download QR-Code Mymenu Restaurants at home Developer: Mymenu Srl Price: Free JAPANESE CUISINE: Discover oriental cuisine and its ...
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