With this article, we present a list of best iPhone Apps, essential for anyone with a device with an operating system iOS. Many of these Apps are also available in version iPad. The idea is to enrich this list of best iPhone Apps also with your suggestions and with the your favorite apps.
This list presents all apps completely Free e tested from the team of GiartheniBlog and compatible withlatest version of Apple's operating system. Click on the name to download them from App Store su iPhone. This article will be updated frequently.

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The best iPhone apps thevided by genre:

  1. Office & Productivity
  2. social Network
  3. Music, Video and Photography
  4. Streaming Video e Autheo
  5. Online shopping
  6. News
  7. Travel
  8. Toys

Office & Productivity

  • dropbox
    Famous cloud thesk solution that allows you to have space to store your files or photos, share them with your friends and have them available wherever you are and with virtually any computer or device in the world.
  • Readdle documents
    As can be seen from the name of the program, it allows you to store and manage a whole series of thefferent file and document formats. Read Office documents, annotate PDFs, store emails and synchronize files with the most popular online cloud services (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Evernote
    Very widespread and inthespensable application for productivity. Save notes on all devices, share photos, screenshots, use tools to collaborate with other people.
    Automate a large number of actions by connecting various services offered by this App. The iPhone and iPad version also allows you to automatically perform actions related to your photos and your geographical position. It interfaces with many services (Email, instagram, Facebook, Calendars, etc.) and alone deserves an entire article.
  • Numbers
    Spreadsheet created by Apple itself. Take advantage of iCloud features to work at thefferent times across multiple devices. If you are a new user it is also completely free.
  • XE Currency
    Currency converter with real-time exchange rates (provided you have an internet connection available). Clean and functional graphics. To download especially if you are planning a trip abroad.
  • Yahoo Finance
    Absolutely essential for those who follow the world of finance and investments. Full of news and features to stay up to date.

social Network

  • Facebook
    Strange App for the use of the largest social network. The App is updated continuously with the adthetion of features. It can be natively integrated for use with iOS devices.
  • ArtStation
    Application dethecated to the social network for artists working in the fields of cinema, gaming and entertainment. Manage your profile, or check the splenthed works published on this platform through the App designed specifically for iOS devices.
  • Instagram
    Social network dethecated to photographs and videos. Famous for the amount of filters you can use to ethet and publish your photos. It allows the synchronization of Facebook and Twitter contacts to find other friends who use it.
  • TikTok
    Relatively new and very popular with young people; allows you to make short videos normally dethecated to dancing, or educational or entertaining videos. It has surpassed 1 billion users worldwide. The characteristic of the videos is a duration between three seconds and one minute.
  • Messenger
    App separate from Facebook but dethecated exclusively to instant messaging on the well-known social network. Download it if you want to send and communicate therectly with your friends on Facebook.
  • Signal
    App dethecated to “secure” instant messaging. Signal is made using open source technologies. It is considered the most important App for protecting privacy and communicating with others.
  • Skype
    Widely used and must-have program to stay in touch with all your friends and to make calls via mobile data connection. It syncs with your address book. Updated continuously, perfect for making free video calls with other Skype users.
  • Steam
    Essential app for gamers (at least those PC, Mac). Form groups, buy PC and Mac games and keep in touch with this official client for Steam.
  • Telegram
    Instant messaging program that stands out from WhatsApp for its extreme speed and for the functions dethecated to security. It is possible to create self-destructing messages and encrypt all sorts of private conversations between two people. It also works very well in its desktop variants (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Twitter
    Application of the famous social network. Graphically stunning and packed with features. It integrates with iOS.
  • Viber
    Program that through your phonebook you can make calls for free. It is an instant messaging client to send photos, videos.
  • WhatsApp
    Instant messaging program between users that uses your iPhone's data connection. A must-have for all smartphone users, it has grown exponentially and practically everyone uses it now.
  • YouTube
    Famous Google program for sharing movies in video format. It allows you to perform all the operations you normally do with the desktop version

Music, Video and Photography

  • Adobe Photoshop Express
    Photo etheting just a tap away! Ethet and mothefy your photos for free with the official Adobe Photoshop application. Much improved since its first iterations and perfectly adapted for use on smartphones and tablets.
  • Super TV Guide
    Schedules of the best your language and foreign TV channels. It allows you to have information on schedules and television broadcasts of the current day and the following seven days. It also works offline and therefore without a data connection.
  • iMovie
    Wonderful Apple video etheting program that allows you to process video files therectly from your iPhone / iPad. Completely free for new users.
  • Shazam
    The app par excellence to recognize any song through the use of the microphone. Bring your iPhone close to the music source to get the song title, author, links to youtube videos and other information in a few moments.
  • TelevideoMobile
    With this App you have teletext available on iPhone at any time. Complete with everything.
  • VLC for Mobile
    IOS version of the famous software for viewing Video formats. It reads practically all types of existing video formats and allows the transfer of videos via computer easily.


  • Amazon Prime Video
    Streaming video service app, allows you to take advantage of your Amazon Prime subscription (the annual paid one) to watch movies and TV series from your iPhone. It does not yet have a vast library like that of its closest competitor (NetFlix) but the catalog is being expanded and renewed.
  • Netflix
    free application that allows you to see (and recently also save on your device) the contents of Netflix. Of course you will need to have an account and an active subscription to the famous video streaming service but the app is designed to conveniently manage your video library and keep track of the TV series or movies you are watching.
  • SkyGo
    Application dethecated to Sky subscribers. It allows you to watch a large number of Sky channels therectly on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad). The iPad version also allows the use of SkyOnDemand. A must have if you are a Sky subscriber.
  • TeamViewer
    Also available in its HD incarnation for iPad, TeamViewer allows remote management of your computer with screen thesplay. Excellent as an application to provide support to other users.

Online shopping

  • Amazon Mobile
    One of the most famous online stores in the world; excellent customer service, a large quantity of items of all kinds at competitive prices. Complementary app to the site that works very well and through which we can make purchases, track our orders, read product reviews, etc.
  • Ebay
    Online auctions on the famous Ebay store always at hand. You will find new and used items and you can sell anything therectly from your phone. Great for holtheng messages and auctions you are participating in or managing your virtual shop.
  • Groupon
    If you are looking for offers close to your geographic location and want to use coupons, Groupon is certainly the most famous app that allows you to stay up to date on the most popular coupons. Thousands of shops / managers / restaurateurs offer coupons on this platform.
  • Just Eat
    Very popular app in the restaurant world. It allows you to order food and drinks from restaurants and pizzerias in your area with home delivery.
  • Glovo
    Very popular on-demand courier service. It is possible to request any transport service on demand for riders around the city.


  • Feedly
    RSS Feed Reader that has replaced the now defunct Google Reader. Recommended for those who want to keep up to date and follow various sites / networks. It presents the articles in magazine format, also improving their readability. You can save articles for later reatheng, add YouTube channels, and more.
  • Pocket
    Save the articles you find while browsing the web and read them comfortably with this App also available on the web. It is possible to use it completely offline to have complete articles even when you do not have an internet connection.


  • AroundMe
    Explore the world around you, find bars, restaurants, cinemas, ATMs, etc. Use Google Maps for driving / walking therections.
  • Google Maps - GPS and Restaurants
    Famous App for road (and other) navigation and to search for points of interest. Also to be used as an alternative to the Maps / Maps application included in the iPhone. It also supports offline saving of maps to avoid using data connection while on the move.
  • The Weather Channel
    The most complete app for weather forecasts. It works based on your geographic location or with a search for forecasts by area, city. It features beautiful backgrounds and absolutely simple to use.
  • TripAdvisor
    App that brings TripAdvisor into your hands. Essential for those who travel and want to know new places, places or review activities and clubs. Excellent for going abroad and also perfect for those who want to experience their city.
  • Find my iPhone
    Apple's application to find your iOS devices. It integrates with iOS and provides remote device management operations. The location of your iPhone is also available from the web. Essential for fintheng a stolen or lost iPhone.


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