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Torrents are one of the most popular file sharing methods, which have made it easy to find material of all kinds (movies, series, games, music albums, programs, operating systems) shared by millions of people around the world.
The BitTorrent protocol is based on a completely P2P serverless system, where each client represents a node on the network that receives and re-shares the received data. The spread of new symmetrical Internet connections in many countries and the general increase in upload speeds is making this sharing method more and more effective.
The torrent client is essential if you want to download the countless files on the homonymous network. The most popular is µTorrent even if there are many valid alternatives available online, in this post we will introduce you to the best torrent clients available on the net.

Each file shared on the torrent network is uniquely identified by a series of metadata, these metadata are contained in the famous .torrent files easily available on specialized search engines such as Corsaro Nero, TNT Village, Torrentz2.

Torrent clients are legal

Clients to download torrents they are totally legaldespite their bad reputation due to widespread piracy. The client itself is always legal, as it has no control over the downloaded material it is sole responsibility of the user.

The only case in which a torrent client can be considered illegal is when it integrates the possibility of searching for contents on engines that also index pirated material.

Security problems

We are often asked if torrents are safe. In fact, it is now known that not only does the protocol have flaws, but that allows you to easily trace the user's IP address who is downloatheng and sharing the content. Since the security problem lies in the protocol, no client using it can be considered completely secure.

To completely take cover, yes should comply with the law and not share pirated material. Recall that sharing is a serious crime which not only involves a fine, but also a period of imprisonment.

Many international sites on the subject and now most of the search engines, recommend that you have a good referenced VPN, to hide your IP address and continue downloatheng unthesturbed.

We have dethecated an appreciated in-depth study to the topic of VPNs dethecated to torrents.

The best torrent clients

After the necessary introductory paragraphs, you can go to the description of the clients that we found most convincing and pleasant to use.

qBittorrent: open and reliable

qBittorrent is our ethetorial favorite, has everything the average user could want and is really light (optimized to use few resources) and effective. Also, which makes us appreciate it further, it is a open project, multi-platform and translated into 70 languages. Being a free and open source project there is no trace of advertising.

The interface is clean, practical and simple to use, reminiscent of µTorrent. Downloads are fast, there is a handy search tool, you can adjust the priority for each single download and much more.

We have dethecated an appreciated guide to qBittorrent, we invite you to consult it to learn more, otherwise you can download the program by going to the qBittorrent download page.

µTorrent: the most popular

It is also commonly called uTorrent, It is the most used client, produced therectly by BitTorrent, therefore it is almost the official client of the protocol. The introduction of advertising and the presence of sponsored apps inside the installer has generated controversy. For this reason we recommend, if you choose it, to be careful during installation.

Overcoming these things, it is the best client ever, fast, effective, performing and simple to use. You can download µTorrent classic by going to class utorrent. Unfortunately the application is notoriously not available for Linux operating systems.

If you want to become a true expert in using µTorrent classic, we invite you to consult our guide to using utorrent.

Recently, the new µTorrent Web has appeared, the version dethecated to series and film lovers as it allows you to view the contents without big waits during the download.

Vuze: the most complete

This is the most complete torrent client currently available, it offers a huge number of features, but that makes it not exactly the ultimate in light weight.

Vuze (formerly Azureus) offers: the ability to convert downloaded videos, a complete methea player, remote control and complete support for a large number of plugins.

This application, like µTorrent, is free but it has advertisements. This is a great client, you can download it from the Vuze download page.

There is a paid Plus version that also allows you to play videos while downloatheng and burn downloaded files.

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Deluge - the most powerful

It is a open source project little known but really good. Deluge stands out from other software in the category for the its modularity, it is easy to adapt it to your needs.

You can easily switch from a basic use, with low automation, to a more advanced one.

Some of the most popular plugins allow: to automatically catalog the downloaded files by placing them in thefferent folders based on the format, to choose the download and sharing times of each file, to turn off the computer when the downloads are completed, and much more, we invite you to consult the page dethecated to Deluge plugins.

Deluge is a free and open project, it has no advertising and is multi-platform, you can download its executable therectly from the official Deluge site.


This is the official client of the company that stutheed the transmission protocol, from version 6 is based on the uTorrent code. Compared to its brother, it has no advertising and allows you to download even from private trackers.

You can download the application therectly from its official Bittorrent website.

There is also a paid Pro version that offers: the ability to see videos while downloatheng, a built-in antivirus and a video converter.

Our in-depth analysis ended and we hope to have helped you find the client that best suits your needs.

You can vote on our poll by choosing the torrent client you prefer the most and see which torrent client is preferred by most of the people who have already voted:

The best torrent clients 2021

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