The best Torrent search engines for music, movies and software

downloading via torrent is becoming the method that is becoming more and more popular, given the simplicity and speed in entheng the download of music, movies and software.
For the uninitiated, Torrents are part of a P2P protocol, whose theffusion has increased dramatically with the advent of the ADSL line and thanks to which we can share and thestribute files on the network.

The operation is particularly simple: the .torrent files (of very small size), through recognition by special programs such as uTorrent and BitTorrent, allow you to collect the information necessary to download the file contained in the computer of the person who shares it. The greater theffusion of the file also corresponds to a greater number of sources from which the file can be downloaded, with download peaks that can exceed 1 Mb / s.

To download torrent files you need the appropriate software (I recommend the free uTorrent program) and search engines for torrent files.
Precisely for this reason here is a nice list of torrent sites to search for torrent files to download.

The following list contains meta search engines, useful for checking multiple torrent sites at the same time.



 (* To reach these sites it is necessary to set the Google DNS. Find the guide at this link: How to set up Google DNS

Torrentz2 is a torrent search engine that contains well within it 62 search engines for torrent files, all on one page.

If the engine does not return the list of torrent sites, starting from Torrentz2 it is still possible to download the desired file using thehash of the torrent. The procedure is shown below:

1) copy the hash of the file found in the part shown in the figure:

2) use hash of the copied file (hence the alphanumeric string) for generate the Magnet link for use in your favorite torrent client. You can safely use this site that generates the Magnet from the file hash: Generate Magnet

3) Use the magnet generated in the previous point on the client (utorrent, Vuze, deluge, etc).

If you know other torrent search engines (possibly valid!) Not on this list, leave a comment so we can add them!

To make the most of torrent sites, and that is to choose the best torrent file, I recommend you read this article: How to increase torrent download speed by choosing the best torrent file.

The best Torrent search engines for music, movies and software

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