The Fitbit Versa 3 Review: Simply Suitable for Everyone

Having the right accessory is important, especially if it can fulfill multiple functions. The world of smartwatches is getting bigger and bigger, the choice is vast and the options offered as well. In these days we have had the opportunity to test the new one Fitbit Versa 3, renewed of the GPS functionality and full of usefulness.

The device is available in three different colors: Black Strap and Black Dial, Pink Strap and Gold Dial, and Blue Strap Gold Dial. The version we tested was the one with the golden dial and the pink strap. AMOLED display, weight about 42 grams, accelerometer and compatibility with iOS and Android. Will he have been able to meet our needs? Let's go and find out all the details.

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Package Contents:

  • Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch
  • Charging cable
  • Extra large strap (buttonhole part only)

Sturdy and solid

Let's start immediately with the aesthetic analysis of the device, focusing on design and construction. As mentioned we tried the Fitbit Versa 3 with pink coloring. This predict a gold-colored dial and a pastel pink strap. The combination of colors is very nice, not too lively, but not anonymous either. The dial is not excessive, it is compact, has a square shape, but rounded at the corners. It is also elegant and fits perfectly on small / medium sized wrists.

La constitution of the bezel is particularly robust thanks to use aluminum along the entire edge. This is then very smooth and only features one recess on the left side and speaker and microphone on the right side. The left notch is actually a push button with different settings: light pressure to switch on and off or to go back, long press to access particular functions.
In the back, however, we find the PurePulse 2.0 sensor. This has improved from the past and turns out to be more accurate in detecting beats. Around we also have the four magnetic pins for charging.

Il strapinstead, it is made of silicone material; it is quite thick and is not at all annoying on the skin. The basic one is great for medium / small wrists, but inside the package there is also a second part suitable for larger wrists. Closing is simple, takes place by means of a small button and the rest of the strap is hidden inside. The facility is quite comfortable and above all firmly on every occasion. Furthermore, for those wishing a different option, it is possible to purchase straps of other materials directly from the site. Changing the same is also simple: just press the small button on the sides of the case and the two parts come off without problems.

Tough and accurate

Il Fitbit Versa 3 is definitely tough in all respects; in addition to being well structured, it is also waterproof. The device is capable of withstand up to 50 meters deep. This means that you can also use it in your swimming sessions. To accompany you, there will also be a specific dedicated training function.

Furthermore, the smartwatch is very accurate, thanks to the integrated GPS which, finally, will allow us to trace all our routes. Accuracy is really good and the tracks are true. The connection to the satellites is fast and the signal is strong.

    A small clearly visible display

    Il Fitbit Versa 3 features a 1,58 ”touch display with AMOLED technology and a resolution of 336 x 336 pixels. The screen features a Corning protection Gorilla glasss, which makes it quite durable. The screen is beautiful to look at, the colors are vivid and bright and the sharpness is good. The only real flaw lies in the black bands around the screen: a little too thick and showy. Using colored backgrounds, in fact, you can perceive how small the display actually is. Nothing that compromises its use, since each screen is still clearly visible.

    To activate the screen we can place the palm of the hand on it, press the button, or rotate the wrist.
    Il display, however, also includes the Always On Display function, which allows you to have the screen always active. This feature can be pretty handy, but it greatly reduces the battery. If in standard conditions it lasted us approx Average delivery time, with the display always active, the duration was drastically reduced to 2 days. There recharge it is, fortunately, very fast: 12 minutes to have the autonomy of one day and about 2 hours to get 100%.

    La real flaw is the touch system: this often seems not to respond correctly. During use, I didn't encounter too many problems, but the movement between the screens was sometimes woody. Every now and then I had to press and swipe several times before it changed screens. It reminds me a little of the first old touchscreen phones.

      The Fitbit Versa 3 is a device for everyone

      Il Fitbit Versa 3 is a device that lends itself well to everyday use of most users. Among the main functions, we find the heart rate detection, which takes place via the PurePulse 2.0 sensor. Let's talk about a biometric detector that is decidedly precise in its task. It proves to be functional both in situations of rest and under stress. Another interesting function, even if it is a bit limited, is the detection of theblood oxygenation. Why did we talk about limitations? Because, in reality, the'SpO2 is only detected during sleep. In order to then see it on the smartwatch, we need to use a dedicated watchface and, at the moment, there seems to be only one available on the store. All data, however, are also visible from smartphones.

      The sleep analysis is very well structured, not only for the calculation of SpO2. In fact, the smartwatch monitors every variation of beats and, above all, outlines each phase (REM, light and deep sleep). Once all the data has been processed, sleep will be scored and entered in a table that can be consulted through the application.

        In addition to monitoring sleep stages and heartbeats, the Fitbit Versa 3 can perform other functions. For example, we have the measure of steps, calories burned, the distance traveled and the floors climbed. There Step measurement, unfortunately, is not as accurate; the problem is that the device measures a step even with the movement of the arm alone. Ironically, in fact, if we were still moving only our arms as if we were walking, he would mark some steps. Even while driving, the watch records some movements, although you do not get out of the car. This, therefore, translates into one overestimates actual measurements.

        There is no shortage of intelligent alarm clock, music control, NFC sensor for payments and Bluetooth connection.

        It also applies to sport

        Il Fitbit Versa 3 has a feature dedicated to workouts, very useful for those who use it during sports. It will be possible to choose between many methods, each one structured in the best way for data collection. Also present the function "Minutes in the Active Zone”Which helps us to understand how many fats are burned during the day, even outside the classic workout.

        The presence of integrated GPS also marks another point, which helps to improve the sports section a lot. The function is very precise and helps us to perfectly understand the kilometers traveled and the tracks made.

        The Fitbit Versa 3 app is simple and functional

        THEFitbit's application is quite complete even in its free version. Here we find different graphs and trends on our states: we have the analysis of beats, SpO2, sleep and much more. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices and is very simple and intuitive.

        We have a screen for each function and easy to understand graphs. Monitoring is good, and most importantly, it's all available in a few simple taps.
        The only real big flaw is the store dedicated to displays: there are many, but almost all of them are paid. Often, in fact, the watchface are free for a limited trial period, leaving us a little bitter in the mouth.

          Fitbit Versa 3: has it convinced us?

          Il Fitbit Versa 3 is an excellent smartwatch for all occasions. He does well when he has to keep track of health and physical activity. It has a lot of built-in functions, such as Alexa, GPS, sleep monitoring and SpO2. Excellent presence of GPS which helps to ensure greater accuracy and better track count. The screen is great and the visibility is good, even if the edges are very thick, compared to the size of the display. Excellent calculations on calories burned and specific workouts.

          On the negative side, we have instead a touchscreen not always ready and at the height. A side button that is aesthetically very nice, but not very functional and the lack of some integrated systems. Step counting isn't super accurate either, but it still gets the job done.
          Overall, though, yes proves a great device, not really cheap (about € 217), but aesthetically very beautiful and functional.

          Discount Fitbit Versa 3 - Smartwatch for wellness and fitness with ...
          • Battery life: 6+ days of autonomy and fast charging
          • Compatibility: Compatible with iOS 12.2 or later & Android OS 7.0 or later
          • Built-in GPS: Leave your phone at home and enjoy the outdoors; with the integrated GPS you can keep an eye on pace and ...
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