The Motorola Edge 20 Pro review: a racing smartphone

As we have already had the opportunity to test the basic version of Motorola Edge 20, also the version Pro stands out on truly enviable performance, confirming the company's tendency to never miss a beat when it comes to telephony. Motorola Edge 20 Pro offers a respectable hardware sector, but let's go with order in our review.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro: our review

During our test, which lasted about a week, we had a really good user experience, to the point that we found it difficult to find a real flaw in this device, which in practice is one of the best smartphones in its category. Nothing to complain regarding the design, clean and pleasantly “basic”, created in aluminum, resin and glass.

Particularly large dimensions, justified by a display by 6,7 inch is an OLED with FHD + resolution (2400 x 1080) in 20: 9 format and a Extreme refresh rate of 144Hz. As the most savvy of you will have already guessed this is a configuration particularly suitable for gamers, to which this product is quite blatantly wink, also thanks to the chip set that we will see later.

The Motorola Edge 20 Pro review: a racing smartphone

As if that weren't enough the device offers one 92,4% sRGB coverage and 2,55 color delta E, which contribute to an excellent overall color rendering of the images. But the flagship of the phone is undoubtedly the performance, which has always been one of the strengths of the Motorola range and which also in this model are no exceptions.

In this case the speed of the Edge 20 Pro is guaranteed by the chip Snapdragon 870, practically one of the best around and that manages, without too many surprises, to maximize the user experience in practically every situation. The smartphone, in no uncertain terms, is lightning fast, and the best part is that it manages to be without dropping the battery, at least in most cases.

Memory, autonomy and small limits

As far as memory is concerned, we are dealing with 12GB of RAM, a rather classic choice but that we feel we can share, and the beauty of 256GB on UFS 3.1. Another of the great strengths of Edge Pro is undoubtedly the autonomy, also thanks to the excellent configuration for which it was opted during the manufacturing.

In this regard, we particularly appreciated the presence of a fast charging function with an attached dedicated charger, capable of carrying recharging at 30W. On the other hand, wireless charging is totally missing, a real shame even if its addition would probably have entailed a higher cost.

The Motorola Edge 20 Pro review: a racing smartphone

A small and decidedly secondary limitation is that of single speaker which prevents you from having stereo sound. This is a divisive argument as for some it will likely be an unforgivable flaw while others will ignore it altogether. We didn't find this feature particularly limiting, even though it's actually a bizarre choice.

The photo and video sector

Another note of excellence is the photographic sector that mounts three image sensors that refer to the main 108 MP one, which allows almost perfect shots in almost all conditions, with a good level of detail and a rich color range. Also very good 16 MP wide angle capable of photographing without distortion along the edges even with daring field widths.

Finally, the third camera is that periscope cloths, 8 MP which is also the one that could give you the most problems ever, since it suffers a lot in low light conditions. The front camera instead is a traditional 32 MP, so from this point of view we have nothing particular to report.

Finally, videos can be recorded up to 8K at 24fps, although we advise you to opt for the format in 4K a 60fps, since in this way you will have a good balance between resolution and fluidity of the images on the screen.

In short, if you are a fan of large smartphones, Motorola Edge 20 Pro will not disappoint you, since we are faced with a smartphone that does well practically everything it sets out to do. Ultimately we have three great cameras, a good display and, above all, a chipset that offers amazing power to say the least. For 699 € it is certainly an interesting smartphone.

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