The review of Samsung AirDresser, the smart wardrobe that sanitizes clothes

Samsung AirDresser it is an unusual appliance because it is the first of its kind. It is in fact a smart wardrobe designed to sanitize, refresh, deodorize and dry your clothes but not only. Inside, in fact, there are also masks, soft toys and much more. But how does it work? To find out, we tried it for a few weeks and now we are trying to tell you about its main features and possible uses. 

Samsung AirDresser review

The review of Samsung AirDresser, the smart wardrobe that sanitizes clothesWe said “wardrobe” but don't imagine a classic product, with exaggerated dimensions and a traditional aesthetic. AirDresser is a design product, characterized by an elegant mirrored door that hides a touch panel. The latter allows you to select the desired program from the 22 available. But what if you don't know which one is right? You can use the application SmartThings. The Samsung app dedicated to the smart home interfaces with AirDresser and recommends the most suitable cycle. All you have to do is indicate which items you are going to sanitize, refresh or dry. She will take care of the rest.

The review of Samsung AirDresser, the smart wardrobe that sanitizes clothes The review of Samsung AirDresser, the smart wardrobe that sanitizes clothes Download QR-Code ‎SmartThings Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Price: Free The review of Samsung AirDresser, the smart wardrobe that sanitizes clothes Download QR-Code SmartThings Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Price: Free

But let's take a step back. We said that, externally, this unusual product looks like a premium wardrobe, with a weight of 89 kg, a depth of 60 cm and a width of 40 cm. Inside we find instead three Air Hangers, hangers specifically designed to work in combination with the Jet Air technology: the air flow then also passes inside the garments - and not just outside - for eliminate dust, smog and surface dirt from clothes. In addition we find a shelf that can be used to store soft toys, masks and any other garment that cannot be hung. This grid can be disassembled in seconds and hung on the door, which allows you to have enough space for coats, trousers or any particularly long garment.

But these aren't the only things you'll notice inside the product - the smart closet also includes a deodorizing filter that eliminates 99% of odors caused by sweat, tobacco and food, plus a compartment that allows you to perfume the garments. Using it is very easy: remove the small drawer, spray some perfume on the cotton and then put everything back inside the AirDresser. At the end of the chosen cycle you will have sanitized and perfumed garments.

Finally, the lower part houses two containers: on the right we find what you need fill with demineralized water (the same one you use for the iron), on the left instead there is the tray that collects the condensation. The latter will be emptied periodically but don't worry, you won't have to check every time: it will be the smart wardrobe that will tell you when it's time to do it.

The review of Samsung AirDresser, the smart wardrobe that sanitizes clothes

But what is the use of water? Well, to create the steam. AirDresser in fact uses the function Jet Steam to sanitize garments and eliminate mites, viruses and bacteria. All this allows you to treat clothes exposed to pollution or germs without forcing you to wash them. Think, for example, of that shirt you used in the office but is still perfectly clean. However, you have been on the subway or on the train, therefore in contact with surfaces that are not exactly clean. What are you doing wash? In reality it is not essential. Just sanitize it with AirDresser.

Have you decided to wash it anyway? The smart wardrobe integrates technology Heat pump to dry fabrics at low temperatures, minimizing color damage and the risk of shrinkage. The anti-crease treatment instead it uses a combination of air and steam to stretch fabrics, without the need for an iron.

AirDresser also thinks about the environment in which it is located. It is equipped with the function Dehumidification, which draws air from the room, captures moisture and releases dry air.

We conclude the overview with Self Clean. This innovative appliance can in fact dehumidify, sanitize and deodorize the interior of the cabin with a combination of air, steam and heat. Therefore, you do not need special detergents and in addition he will tell you when cleaning is necessary (usually every 40 cycles).

Does Samsung AirDresser change your life?

The review of Samsung AirDresser, the smart wardrobe that sanitizes clothesThink of all the times you wore a dress for just one night, perhaps for a dinner at a restaurant or for a night at the disco. Normally you should wash it, even if it's not dirty. 
Or imagine you've used jeans for the day. They don't need to be washed, but after walking around the city, you have collected smog and bacteria. 
Or, again, you've been to the market and your t-shirt now tastes like fried or roast chicken but you've only worn it for a couple of hours. What are you doing? Do you wash everything?

Samsung's closet can help you in all these occasions, thus saving a lot of unnecessary washing. Just refresh and sanitize the garments to go back to wearing them again.

AirDresser also changes the way you dry freshly washed clothes. You may have a more delicate garment than the others and exposing it to the sun may not be the best solution. In this case it is the heat pump that solves the problem, thus helping you to preserve the integrity of all those clothes that you would otherwise risk ruining in a few months. 

You can also use the Korean appliance for remove the unpleasant stale smell that accompanies the coats after the summer break or for eliminate bacteria from blankets and sheets. The program Sanitize, the one dedicated to the sanitation of garments, can also be particularly useful for Teddy, especially if you have children at home. Older adults, on the other hand, can use it for scarves, gloves or masks, accessories that we do not wash every day but which are still exposed to external agents.

Samsung AirDresser therefore takes care of your health and that of your family. It also helps you save in the long run, effectively reducing the number of loads you put your washing machine under, and even to To gain some time. For example, it has happened more than once to us to wash a t-shirt and then realize we need it the next day. Will it be ready in time? The problem does not arise: in an hour AirDresser will dry and "iron" it, leaving you free to carry out other activities in the meantime.

So let's go back to the original question: does the smart wardrobe change your life? Maybe "change" is not the right verb. Samsung AirDresser improves the quality of life by giving you tools that didn't exist before to take care of you and your clothes. All this without requiring any particular knowledge. The 22 programs are clear and easy to associate with the clothes you want to put inside the wardrobe; in case of doubts then there is always the application, which advises you what to do to avoid mistakes and nasty surprises.

Watch our video and find out the discount to buy AirDresser

Who is Samsung AirDresser suitable for?

The review of Samsung AirDresser, the smart wardrobe that sanitizes clothesWe now come to a second and vital question. Who is suitable for this type of product whose price list is 2.499 euros?

In our opinion, there are two categories of reference:

  • the final consumer, or those who decide to install it at home;
  • the business public, that is, those who decide to use it for their own business.

If it belongs to the first type, first of all make sure you have enough space. The dimensions are not particularly abundant but where to have a place to place it. Its ideal environment is a walk-in closet but nothing prevents you from placing it in another room, maybe directly in the bedroom.

Then think about the contents of your closet (the traditional one). If you have a lot of clothes, even fine ones, that you often send to the laundry, it could be a sensible investment. It is also true if you have a family with children to protect or if you simply want to always wear sanitized clothes.

If instead you have a clothing store or an atelier you can use it to refresh clothes after a test. A sort of intermediate stage between the dressing room and the repositioning on the shelf which is almost indispensable in this period and which, in the future, will give your customers extra security.

However, commercial activities are not the only ones to which this product fits. We also imagine it in a large company, exploited by employees, or in a hotel, with the possibility of offering a plus to guests. Then there are architects, lawyers, doctors and all those who have a studio: for them it could be a useful and comfortable addition. Finally we have the sport centers, who could use AirDresser to take care of their athletes' uniforms.

As you may have noticed, therefore, the possible uses are many, both at home and within a business of any kind. You just have to think about how you would use it and see if it is worth the initial investment. 

Of course, if you have any doubts, questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook group. We will be happy to help you. If instead you want to buy AirDresser you can find it on the official Samsung website.

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