The sound news of Windows Vista

    The sound news of Windows Vista

    Windows Vista will maintain the perceived sound level to be constant while listening to different audio sources. The system present in Windows Vista works in real time, analyzing both long-term and short-term fluctuations, in order to apply constant equalization. This feature can be disabled from the Control Panel.

    Another feature present in Windows Vista is that, for the first time, different audio sources can be manually controlled to set different volume levels. You can then silence one audio source and listen to another and vice versa.

    Administration of the bass

    Many current sound systems come with a large subwoofer to best reproduce low frequencies. For those who do not have such a system, Windows Vista has a feature called "Reverse Bass Management," where low frequencies and deep sounds are channeled from the less powerful speakers to the better performing ones. Also in this case you can intervene manually.

    Speaker fill

    Speaker fill is a technique that is used when there are more speakers available than the channels of the music source. In other words, if you have a stereo recorded music file with only two channels, Speaker fill will synthesize additional channels and route them to appropriate speakers.

    Room correction

    Room correction is a feature found in very high-end audio hardware, aimed at finding the best listening point in every room. This can be achieved with a microphone that calibrates all areas of the room.

    Speaker phantoming

    Speaker phantoming is a technique that will automatically detect if a particular speaker is turned off or not working, and will compensate for its lack by "splitting" the sound between adjacent speakers.

    Improved bass for headphones and laptops

    Windows Vista will allow those who listen to music on the go with headphones to experience three-dimensional effects thanks to the Headphone Related Transfer Function (HRTF) technology

    Arrangement of microphones

    This feature allows multiple microphones to be inserted into laptops, LCD displays or Tablet PCs, with the aim of improving speech recognition. In short, it administers them and ensures that environmental noises are suppressed.

    More details in the blog del product manager Nick White su TechNet.

    The sound news of Windows Vista

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