The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature review. A humanly monstrous world

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The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature recensione

It was a long time ago, between the pages of a beautifully and morbidly attractive book, when the pen of one of the greatest authors of horror and gothic novel traced the sad story of a monster on paper. After landing on PC and Mobile, The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature is the title of this "return to the screens" in an unexpected and poetic way also on Nintendo Switch. It is a version that has seen the light thanks to the precious work of La Belle Games e ART France. We tell you how the journey between colors and musical notes went in our review.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature Review - Fear in color

Yes, the world that La Belle Games has unfolded before our eyes really is rich in colors. These appear at watercolor brush strokes in increasingly rich and varied colors, unlike what we might expect. If the association between Frankenstein's monster and the gloom dictated by a halo of fear and disgust is almost immediate, this cliché is quickly swept away. To our immense fortune and with equal satisfaction.

Passed to history for the sake of brevity and erroneously with the name of its creator, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the story of this "modern Prometheus" is picked up by the French development team to give players that fire of knowledge in a videogame and artistic version of this story.

Download QR-Code The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature Developer: La Belle Games, ARTE France Price: 14,99 €

We step into the shoes of this being, that he still doesn't know what his identity is and sets out to discover the world. The latter is literally unveiled in an ethereal and elegant way under his feet and around him. He wanders through forests and towns covered in a single, torn white cloak. He soon learns how the pure naivety of children clashes with the prejudice of adults: the former invite him to play ball with them, the latter chase him with forks and sticks and attack him with stones.

A metaphysical journey

Discover the world around us e get to know our nature through the other inhabitants of the Earth is the main activity that we are called to perform in The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature. As the title suggests, we'll mostly have to wander (apparently) aimlessly, rebelling against its creator. The journey it is not only real, but also e above all metaphysical.

The various stages are represented by the thoughts of the creature who gradually discovers that he is an outcast of society. A monster, to put it in the words used by mere mortals at the sight of this character.

"I ignored the reason for so much anger that even disfigured their faces." The screens of dialogue between oneself and oneself are numerous and almost the only moments in the narration of a game whose pillars are mainly dictated by the visual and sound dimension. A real artistic product, a result that we would have been amazed by if we look at the development team and its collaborations.

The art on the screen

If La Belle Games is a rather recent player in the independent gaming world, now only in its second title, it certainly is not. ART France. The television channel of Franco-German public service, active for almost thirty years and comparable to the Italian correspondent of RaiTre, he wished to participate in the development of this video game.

A title with a decidedly simple and basic gameplay, with the aim of telling the story of the Frankenstein monster from an original and engaging point of view.

Download QR-Code The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature Developer: La Belle Games, ARTE France Price: 14,99 €

Divided into short chapters, each titled with a elegant and evocative Latin name, the story traces the famous story of the journey of this creature, in all its solitude, across the whole of Europe and even extending beyond the borders of the Old World. This freshness is found above all in visual tricks which allow us to observe the monster's progress in its knowledge of the world, first of all the understanding of dialogues between people. This happens, as the story of Mary Shelley tells, thanks to reading a stolen book in a house that the monster stealthily visits.

Only following this discovery, and this theft, the passwords of people take shape on the screen. No longer alone with incomprehensible and rune-like symbols; the latter are being replaced by an ever increasing variety of words.

The journey of learning and discovering the world is neither easy nor fast. We will really have to deal with this sometimes exhausting slowness of loading between one chapter and another, as well as some interlude scenes. If the views we have to analyze the world around us are conceived with a truly appreciable and refined style, the technical sector did not surprise us in equal measure.

The effort of living (and playing)

We understand that works of art require the time to be appreciated and fully understood with due calm. We appreciate this request set by the developers, but the gameplay dictates methods and timing not easily conceivable by the players. We explain ourselves better. The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature is presented in the style of avirtual art experience, able to leave aside the adrenaline of the rankings to climb, enemies to defeat and ability-trees to complete.

Here all the attention flows into the narration which rather slavishly follows the story written in the pages of one of the great classics of the Gothic par excellence, which is why we can only greatly appreciate the quality of the writing. They are reported quotes, dialogues, thoughts of the Creature which clearly show the characteristic of a "freak of nature". She is anonymous in fact, but paradoxically as well known for the fear and fear that she arouses at every turn.

However, there is no lack of difficulties on a technical level. Although the commands are really elementary, a meager simplicity also suggested by the game menu very poor in options, the gameplay results quite woody and with sometimes longer loading times than expected. We also recommend

Alongside these issues, however, let's go back to underlining how the color brush strokes in watercolor style are able to best express the moods of the monster and the situations he experiences step by step. The sound design is no exception. It always accompanies every moment of the game in a sublime way with very pleasant orchestral pieces, cared for in every note.

In conclusion

For these reasons, the title in question is especially recommended to a public particularly interested in rediscovering transposition of the story in a videogame version, less aware and attentive to the dynamics of the game itself. The game manages to fully reveal the vibrant emotions and tragedy of a monster that struggles to accept itself for its creation. The game therefore involves our senses in an experience that approaches theatmosphere almost tasted dreamlike di Last Day Of June and to the esoteric character of Journey.

The lived experience is truly exemplary. Prove how the videogame medium is increasingly able to embrace experiences not just purely entertainment and able to excite. The strings of our soul are able to vibrate, despite the technical requirements and glossy graphics, more and more in demand nowadays, have been set aside . A little effort required in terms of patience in playability, has been able to reward us for quality content and emotion. A lesson to learn and keep.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature

  • Sublime graphics
  • Sound design coinvolgente
  • Exciting historical transposition
  • Playability at times difficult and woody
  • Very small variety of options

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