Top 5 best alternatives to Google Calendar on Android

Top 5 best alternatives to Google Calendar on Android

Tired of Google Calendar? The calendar application installed by default on most Android smartphones annoys you? Is she too simplistic for you? Check out our selection of the best calendar apps available on the Google Play Store below. We are ready to bet that you will find what you are looking for. 

While Google Calendar has improved significantly over time, the app is not suitable for all users. Google's calendar application has an overly simplistic interface and a big lack of features and widgets. It's also almost impossible to customize how it works or looks. If your calendar needs a little more, Google Calendar isn't for you.

Business Calendar 2, for overloaded calendars

Are you often overbooked? Do you very or too often use the phrase “it's in my To Do” or “I do this to you ASAP”? Business Calendar 2 was designed for you, the busy people. With this application, you will be able to organize your long weeks down to the second. Business Calendar 2 provides a very comprehensive overview of upcoming events over a long period of time. Even though this calendar is completely free, you might want to unlock some advanced options, like widgets or autofill, by paying up to $ 2,98. Rest assured, however, you will not need to spend your money to take advantage of a successful calendar.

aCalendar, the simple and efficient calendar

aCalendar is one of the most popular calendar apps for Android users. Simple, but far from simplistic, the application offers a neat and readable interface. Particularly sober, it still offers very practical features. As you can see, aCalendar will especially appeal to users looking for simplicity. In a few clicks, you can synchronize your Google account and the application will import and order your events. Intuitive, it is the perfect app for the distracted.

Today Calendar, the calendar with style!

With the Today Calendar, we enter another range. If no free calendar has convinced you, we advise you to try this one. You will indeed benefit from a 7-day test phase before having to switch to the paid version, at 3,37 €. At this price, you will benefit from an interface with an original and neat design. We especially appreciate the “Split View” functionality, which offers a very practical overview of a given month. This application will delight individuals who struggle to organize themselves on a daily basis. To be reserved for the most demanding in terms of interface.

Digical, practical for nomads

Efficient and intuitive, Digical stands out as an alternative of choice to Google Calendar or Today Calendar. The free version of the application should satisfy most users, thanks to its original features. Digical will inform you, for example, of the distance between you and your meeting point by using the geolocation of your smartphone. Likewise, the application displays the day's weather and your location directly in the calendar, which is very convenient when you are on the move. Plus, there's virtually no limit to what you can configure, customize, or change. A must have!

Jorte calendar, the most complete

If you are not afraid of complexity and if you are looking above all for a calendar full of parameters and options of all kinds, Jorte is for you. Before letting yourself be tempted by the Jorte adventure, be prepared to spend a few dozen minutes to set it up. It is only when you have personalized everything that Jorte will reveal its full potential. But once it's done, all the widgets are in their place, everything is in order, Jorte stands out as the best calendar on this list.

We will particularly appreciate the different themes available, its many widgets, and the ability to lock your calendar so that no one can access it without your knowledge. As you can imagine, the paid version at 2,99 € per month, offers even more possibilities. In short, if you are motivated and you are not turned off by complexity, Jorte is the calendar for you.

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