Understanding everything about NFC technology

NFC technology is present almost everywhere in the world. In Our country, it began to develop in 2011, in a few cities. If its use is still not widespread in our country, its technological potential continues to expand. Our tip for fully understanding NFC.

  • What is NFC?
  • Three operating modes
    • Card emulation mode
    • Reader mode
    • Mode peer to peer
  • Data security with NFC
  • How to activate the NFC function on your mobile

What is NFC?

NFC, Near Field Communication, is a technology for exchanging data at less than 10cm, between two devices equipped with this device. NFC is integrated into most of our mobile terminals in the form of a chip, as well as on certain transport or payment cards.

Three operating modes

NFC has three different operating modes:

Card emulation mode

The mobile terminal works like a contactless card. The mobile phone's SIM card can be used to store encrypted information, and to secure it.

Examples of uses:

  • Contactless payment.
  • Management of discount coupons or loyalty points in a store.

Reader mode

The mobile equipped with NFC is able to read “tags” (electronic labels), to collect practical information, or to launch an action automatically on a Smartphone.

Examples of uses:

  • Tour in a museum
  • Automation of a task: change the ringtone of your phone, or launch an application, when the NFC tag approaches.

About NFC tags:
An “NFC tag” is an electronic tag equipped with NFC technology. The advantage is being able to program it, so as to send information to devices located in its field of action. You can buy NFC tags, to program yourself on the Internet.
To program your NFC tag, there are mobile applications such as "NFC Task Launcher", available on Google Play.

Mode peer to peer

This operating mode allows the exchange of information between two devices equipped with NFC.

Example of use :

  • An exchange of photos between a tablet and a Smartphone.
  • opening the doors of his car

Data security with NFC

The exchange of data between two devices equipped with NFC is secure for two reasons:

  • Compliance with standards (14443 and FeliCa) using encryption and authentication algorithms.
  • The short communication distance between devices, which greatly reduces the risk of data theft.

How to activate the NFC function on your mobile

Many mobile phones are equipped with the NFC function. This can be offered as an additional option with the package. It can also be an integral part of the mobile's standard functions. In this case, you have to go to the wireless connection settings of your device, in order to activate it.

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