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10 TV series for survival is the guide that will explain how make the most of your time in case you have to stay indoors due to a worldwide pandemic, lethal viruses that increase our (already high) appetite, zombies looking for brains to feed on, animals that take control of our cars and much more.

Will we be able to look at everything we've had on our list for a few decades?

Chernobyl: radioactivity emergency

Imagine the situation: a global pandemic is underway and you are forced, from the upper floors, to remain locked in the house. How to best occupy this time? The activities are numerous: we start from smart working, video games and exercise, up to movies and TV series.

10 TV series for survival is the guide for you where you will find tv series of any kind, from the most comical to the most serious, so that you can spend your time in the best possible way without getting too excited or bored.

The first TV series we want to suggest is Chernobyl, an HBO miniseries created by Craig Mazin and directed by Johan Renck, available on Now TV. The series revolves around the terrible events that take place afterwards the Chernobyl nuclear accident which occurred in 1986 in Soviet Ukraine.

The series tells how and why all this happened, going into detail and also telling the stories of those who have given their contribution to try to improve the situation, even at the cost of their lives.

I promise you that this will be the only heavy TV series you will find in this guide, but it seemed appropriate to put this small masterpiece of five episodes. The series shows a totally new side to the story, featuring great photography and a stellar cast.

Despite the heaviness and harshness of the themes addressed in the series, we suggest you use this time in the house to resume and finish it because it is worth it. Next we recommend that you look at the next suggestions, to switch off and learn something.

Discover our pandemic survival guide!

Friends and Modern Love: sentimental emergency

A series that could definitely be for you in this period of imprisonment from around the world is Friends, American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman and available on the Netflix streaming platform (but also on Comedy Central, Sky 128 channel)

The plot revolves around a group of you are friends living in Manhattan. In each episode their lives are shown in a tragicomic way, from sentimental situations to the development of their personal careers. Three boys, Ross, Chandler and Joey and three girls, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe, are ready to delight your evenings and make you spend a few hours in peace.

Friends is the perfect series for anyone who plans to unplug, have fun and spend the day following fun and interesting events. Obviously, like any self-respecting series, there will be more intense and almost tragic moments but do not worry, there are no nuclear disasters but only jokes and comic situations.

Another series that could be compared, albeit minimally, to Friends is Modern Love, available on Amazon Prime Video. The series was made by John Carney and is inspired by a weekly address book published by the New York Times.

The purpose of the series is to explore love in its many and varied forms: it goes from romantic, family and platonic love, up to sexual and love for oneself.

The series is characterized by an interesting cast and eight episodes lasting about half an hour that will allow you, between a laugh and a tear of emotion, to transport your mind elsewhere.

Although situations we already know are represented, such as first dates or first sentimental problems, what Modern Love does is particular because it gives thickness e depth to each event e character, making everything wonderfully harmonious.

Take a box of chocolates, chips or whatever you want and let yourself be carried away by this series that, of course, you cannot miss.

The Walking Dead: emergenza zombie

The fourth series we suggest you see is The Walking Dead, inspired by Robert Kirkman's comic series of the same name and available on Now TV.

Rick Grimes is a deputy sheriff who is the victim of an accident: awakened from a coma, he realizes that the world around him has drastically changed. The hospital he is in is destroyed and full of corpses. Rick later realizes that it was all caused by the virus which, prior to his accident, seemed to be under control.

The dead become zombies and attack the living: you must not be bitten or scratched otherwise there is the risk of ending up in the same way. Rick and a group of survivors will have to rely on their skills to survive and get out of the city, finding weapons and a place to stay safe. However, they will realize that the real enemies are not the walking dead, but human beings.

Why watch this TV series? First of all it is quite long: you will have to deal with 10 seasons from episodes of about forty minutes. One way or another you will have a good time. The second reason is that you can take excellent ideas in case we were to be surrounded by zombies.

First of all, avoid getting scratched or bitten, unless you want to have an arm or some other limb amputated (believe me, it's not pleasant). Later you will learn numerous survival techniques, how to grow fruit and vegetables or how to get food.

Finally, the most important thing: self defense. Against zombies it is quite simple, remember to be quick and decisive in your attacks. Also remember to hit in the head, or to cut it. A spiked club or katana will definitely be for you.

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Ash Vs Evil Dead and Buffy: demon and vampire emergency

The next TV series I'm about to suggest is probably one of the best I've ever seen: Ash Vs Evil Dead, available on Netflix. The series was made by Sam and Ivan Raimi and sees Bruce Campbell again as Ash Williams.

How many of you, back in 1981, have seen The House by Sam Raimi? A cult horror and, dare I say, good trash. If you are a fan of Raimi and the saga of The House, you will be pleased to know that Ash Vs Evil Dead is set 30 years after the events of the first two films, in which Ash had to fight against the forces of evil unleashed by the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in a mountain chalet.

Today he is a salesman for the supermarket, lives in a trailer and spends his evenings having fun here and there. After having strange visions that remind him of the past, he realizes that a few nights earlier he had opened the Necronomicon again (he was slightly drunk, dear ones), freeing the Kandarian Demon.

It is an ancient demonic entity that has the ability to possess multiple living beings, altering its appearance and subduing them. Ash will have to, with his old woman arm chainsaw, search far and wide for the demon and then destroy it once and for all.

Now I want to know, how many of you dream of chasing demons with a cabbage chainsaw instead of your arm? I am in the front row, definitely! In addition to being a well-crafted TV series, it's comical and will make you laugh from start to finish. Another way to switch off and not think about the problems that plague us every day.

Seeing Bruce Campbell again as Ash Williams is certainly a vision for all fans of Raimi's film. And then, it is also necessary to prepare from that point of view: who knows, maybe there will be an apocalypse of demons against which we will have to fight with chainsaws and baseball bats.

Who better than Ash Williams can instruct us in this?

Staying on the demon strand, with the addition of vampires and other supernatural entities, our next tip in the 10 TV series for survival guide is a 90s cult: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, available on Paramount Network and made by Joss Whedon.

The plot revolves around Buffy Summers, a young girl from Los Angeles called the huntress. Its purpose is to hunt vampires, demons and forces of evil, to prevent them from reigning in his city. The girl, aided by her group of friends (the Scooby Gang), must be able to defend Los Angeles, keep good grades in school and try to live, at least in part, like a normal teenager.

Here too the same goes for The Walking Dead and Friends: it is a long series, seven seasons of more than 20 episodes lasting forty minutes. In these days of confinement you will have all the time in the world to be able to start and end this adventure.

And if you're like me, you'll find yourself stuck at the end of Season XNUMX because I'm not psychologically ready for Angel's departure yet, but those are details.

Buffy is one of the most famous TV series and I'm sure that every person on the face of the earth has seen it: don't you think, it is appropriate to carry out a rewatch? I believe they do good for your health of people, especially when the protagonist teaches us to fight against vampires and demons.

Here the question is different. Remember that the wooden stake it must be embedded straight into the heart so the being we are fighting against will become ashes.

In addition to being a good way to train and prepare for a vampire apocalypse, Buffy also allows us to further unplug and focus. about forbidden love that we like the most: the handsome vampire Angel, who in the 90s has surely stolen every woman's heart.

A Discovery of Witches: emergenza streghe

Staying on the subject of "forbidden love", my next suggestion is a Sky Atlantic TV series available on Now TV: A Discovery of Witches. The series is inspired by the Anime Trilogy, books written by Deborah Harkness and produced by Bad Wolf and Sky Productions.

The plot revolves around Diana Bishop, a young historian and incapable witch who, during a search, finds a haunted manuscript at the Bodleian library in Oxford. This unexpected and dangerous discovery forces her to approach the world of magic, despite having always tried to stay away from it.

A fascinating and mysterious geneticist and vampire, Matthew Clairmont, offers to help her unravel the secrets of this manuscript. Although there is no good blood between witches and vampires, the young woman decides to trust and forms an alliance with the man, to solve the mysteries that lie within the book as they escape from creatures who want to steal what they possess.

This is an excellent eight-episode TV series lasting forty minutes, perfect to finish in an afternoon and cry later, as the wait for the second season will be heartbreaking. For many it may seem like the typical romantic TV series, I personally found it very interesting.

An excellent balance between fantasy and romance, characterized by that fateful forbidden love that we women like so much and that will keep us glued to the screen. Furthermore, the plot is interesting and this will allow us to focus on the events of the series, without giving weight to what is happening around us.

Focus on Diana and Matthew, the exceptional photography and the peculiar and interesting story that embodies the essence of A Discovery of Witches.

Westworld - Where everything is allowed: mad robot emergency

The next TV series that you find in our guide of the 10 TV series for survival is Westworld - Where everything is allowed. The series was produced by HBO and created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, inspired by the 1973 film of the same name and available on Now TV.

The story takes place at Westworld, an amusement park in tema Wild-West imaginary and technologically advanced, populated by androids. The park offers wealthier guests unique experiences where they can indulge their wildest and wildest fantasies within the park.

They won't even have to worry about the hosts, as they can't harm or injure humans due to their programming. Or maybe yes?

Complex, particular and extremely fascinating TV series that you absolutely must recover. The Westworld storyline is intense, interesting and will keep you glued to the screen thanks to the countless twists that, every time, will pop out like mushrooms.

The cast is great and the acting exceeds all expectations. And then, come on, let's be honest: knowing that Anthony Hopkins is in one of the main roles is more than enough to watch this series. The series has two seasons of ten episodes each and the third is on the way.

I would say that this is the perfect time to take advantage and recover the first two, so that we can be ready for the arrival of the third. Our advice is to do like the androids of the series: clear all worries from your mind and concentrate on the progress of the series.

Watchmen: emergency vigilantes in tights

The last two series that we want to suggest in this guide of the 10 TV series for survival are different from each other, but we can say that they have some important things in common: they are special, they will make you have fun and spend time in peace. The first is Watchmen, TV series produced by HBO and inspired byhomonymous comic series published by DC Comics.

The series, available on Amazon Prime Video and Now TV, is a sequel set thirty years after the events of the comic, focusing on new and old characters.

We are in the United States and it has now been more than thirty years since the mysterious event that hit New York City in 1985. Doctor Manhattan is in exile on Mars and masked vigilantism has been illegal since 1977: the country's racial tensions they continue to increase, particularly due to the policies of President Robert Redford.

In Tulsa, among those opposed to these policies, there is the Seventh Cavalry, a group of terrorists who came into possession of a diary containing the truth about the incident that took place years before: these people, disguised as the missing vigilante Rorschach, decide to target government figures such as police officers.

To protect the officers and their families, laws are enacted that allow the police to act with their faces covered, just like vigilantes.

Regina King. Isn't that a good reason to watch this TV series? Okay, then I'll try to give you more. In addition to being one of the best transpositions of the comic, Watchmen succeeds, with alone nine episodes, to transport us to another planet.

Phenomenal soundtrack, photography and cast, interesting plot and certainly faithful to the comics. A combo of elements that will improve our afternoons and keep us busy. A story that speaks not only of "superheroes" but of morals, of fighting for the common good and sacrificing something important.

All the little question marks that overwhelm us in the beginning will slowly be resolved and we will get all the answers we need. Watchmen succeeds in its intent, giving the public something exceptional and solid.

The last, but not least, TV series that we want to recommend is iZombie, available on Netflix. The series is a partial adaptation of the comic series of the same name, published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint and was created by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero.

Olivia Moore, called Liv, is the protagonist of this series. Liv is a young student at Seattle University of Medicine. One day, during a party, he becomes the victim of a zombie attack and after being scratched, it transforms itself.

Still lucid and determined to stay as human as possible, Liv tries to continue living her life. However, the young woman is forced to leave her boyfriend and the medical school: in addition, in order to feed herself, she gets hired at a forensic center so that she can have access to the bodies of the deceased.

By feeding on their brains, Liv temporarily acquires i their memories and skills. Posing as a subspecies of psychic, she uses these skills to help Detective Clive Babineaux solve the cases of their deaths, thus giving a new meaning to her life.

This is obviously a TV series with a particular plot, which shows us the zombies from a different perspective e more human compared to what we usually see. The story is interesting, funny and there will certainly be opportunities to have a good laugh.

This TV series will also give us excellent culinary ideas. The young Liv, in the course of the series, will learn to season the brain that will have to eat with particular sauces and recipes, creating each time a dish worthy of being presented to Masterchef. Trust me when I tell you that most of them look and feel delicious I would gladly eat a bite.

iZombie shows us a new way to see zombies, reassuring us of their personal cravings and letting us know that not everyone wants fresh brains. Or rather, almost all of them.

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