AirPods 3: Everything we know about the third generation of Apple's earphones

- Airpods 3 are coming: the most affordable wireless earbuds in the catalog Apple they should be announced shortly. A news awaited by many Apple users: if the Airpods Pro and Max are headphones with excellent characteristics, the base model remains loose for the value for money. So let's find out everything we know about third generation of Apple Airpods.

  • Apple AirPods 3: everything we know
    • Exit date
    • Price
    • Design
    • Features
    • Battery
  • Conclusions: what to expect

Apple AirPods 3: everything we know

In recent weeks, several rumors, rumors and leaks have come out about the next generation of Apple headphones. We have tried to tidy up and discard the unreliable ones to give you the best information on true wireless earphones from Cupertino.

Apple AirPods 3: release date

Until last year it was thought that the release of the third generation of Airpods should arrive by the end of 2020. The supply chain problems due to the pandemic and the launch at the end of last year of the Airpods Max however, it stopped its exit window in the first half of this year.

A few weeks ago LeaksApplePro was talking about a release scheduled for March 23 for Apple's Airpods 3. While the accuracy of the date is difficult to prove before the official announcement, many other reputable insiders and outlets have pointed to the March or at the latest the beginning of April as a window for the arrival of the new earphones.

However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has instead predicted a release in the second half of 2021, moving the launch date in the market to after summer. We can therefore expect to see the headphones announced alongside the new generation iPhones. At the moment this hypothesis is gaining credibility, but Apple has not given any reference to it.

The price of Apple's new AirPods 3

One of the main reasons why the second generation of AirPods is still very much in vogue is the price. In fact, although they are certainly not the cheapest alternative on the market, they are a great compromise between quality (both audio and for integration into the Apple system) e cost.

According to recent rumors from South Korean website The Elec, it seems that the new AirPods should cost the 20% less than the Pro model. This should carry the price of Apple AirPods 3 just under 200 euros. A significant increase over the previous model. The new headphones are therefore placed in the middle between those of the second generation and the AirPods Pro in terms of price. And it also looks on the level of features.

The design of the new Apple earphones

Although some rumors reported a totally new look, the recent image leak from the Chinese website 52 Audio seems to indicate that the Aipods 3 will have a very similar design to the Airpods Pro. 

There should also be i Interchangeable “rubber pads” we've seen in Apple's flagship earphones. This is great news for those who found the older generation of Airpods uncomfortable and will instead be able to customize according to their ear cup.

If the "copy" of the design of the Airpods Pro can be considered good news (for the lightness and ergonomics of the model), there are no indications that the third generation has resistance to rain and sweat. Therefore no IPX4 certification, barring surprises.

As for the colors, it seems that this time too we should be content with the classic Apple White. But we hope that in this field Apple can surprise us: although white is always elegant, matching the headphones to the color of the iPhone could be really interesting.

Third generation AirPods: features

There is still a lot of discussion online about the technical characteristics of the Airpods, without having a unanimous consensus. In fact, if the leak from the South Korean site The Elec reports that the new headphones will not have the active noise reduction (ANC), others like 52 Audio (which showed the design images) report that it should be there instead. At the moment it is too early to understand who could be right.

The software innovations should instead all arrive as they are in the Pros: among all, the audio support Dolby Atmos and spatial audio, that allow you to listen to sounds at 360 degrees. But the option that brings audio settings from one Apple device to another should also not be missing thanks to the synchronization on iCloud. It also looks like third-generation Airpods should have l’Adaptive EQ, which adjusts the audio parameters to give you the best experience in each song.

From a hardware point of view we should see some air vents designed to relieve the pressure of the headphones while listening, a function designed to increase user comfort.

Also, some recent reports (like this one we told you about) suggest that it might come there bone conduction, which transmits sound by vibrating the bones near our ear instead of the air above the eardrum. A solution much appreciated by those who play sports, especially swimmers. But we doubt it can arrive already with headphones arriving between March and April.

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Health features

Several reports from newspapers close to the Cupertino company report that Apple is investing to bring functions for health on your earphones. Some of these functions have been talked about for years and it is not certain that they will debut on the Airpods 3: Apple is unlikely to launch a feature that is not ready.

However, rumors want Apple to introduce sensors of ambient light (ALS) integrated in the headphones, capable of monitoring the heartbeat and other health data. This feature is not a first in the sports headphone industry. But the fact that Apple can introduce it makes the Apple ecosystem even more complete and coherent for those who love sports.

In addition, among the more than 60 patents recently filed by Apple is one that illustrates the introduction of sensors for monitor orientation and direction. This should allow you to give feedback during training and help with coaching.

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Battery and charging case

There is currently no indication that from a battery perspective there may be major changes in direction. The first two generations of Airpods have 5 hours of playback, which you can extend up to 24 by recharging in the case. The Pros only reach 4,5 hours: Active Noise Reduction consumes more.

Even the Airpods 3 should be between 4,5 and 5 hours. However, some new features in iOS 14 could help improve the experience using artificial intelligence to monitor how you charge smartphones and accessories to extend their life.

Conclusions: what to expect from Apple for the AirPods 3

Among the various information we have talked about, the ones we are most confident about are:

  • il design in stile AirPods Pro
  • improvements software (starting from Adaptive EQ)
  • il price higher compared to the second generation
  • the release by the end of March.

There are many newspapers that have talked about these three aspects and we expect them to be confirmed. There noise cancellation and health sensors on the other hand, they are the most awaited news, about which there is still no certainty. But that could be enough to convince many people to buy the new earphones, even if at a higher price than the last generation.

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