Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep review, the rebirth of Bungie

Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep review, the rebirth of Bungie

That 2019 was going to be a special year for Bungie it has been known for some time. The software house, mother of the successful franchise of Destiny, has separated from the largest and consolidated Activision trying to show the market and fans that they can walk on their own feet. The result of this effort was the new expansion of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep. With this DLC, in fact, Bungie not only offers new content and maps but a new way to play Destiny.

With Shadows from the Deep, Destiny 2 arrives on Steam and becomes totally Free-to-Play. But what does this change mean for players? and what news has this particular DLC introduced?

Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep review

Shadows from the Deep takes us back to the Moon struck by an intense seismic activity that attracted the attention of the Avant-garde. We are called to investigate the presence ofHive and the disturbing presences ofDarkness that for some reason invaded our satellite. The Hive has begun to spread across the surface and beyond, getting closer to the eerie Scarlet Fortress. From here we will be guided by Eris Morn, the mysterious huntress who has observed the movements of the Hive since the death of Oryx, the king of the Taken. Eris will show us one black pyramid buried beneath the surface of the Moon which appears to generate strong Darkness to counter the Traveler's Light.

Our goal in Shadowkeep is to discover the mysteries of the Pyramid and penetrate inside to reveal what lies behind the disturbing presences generated by the Darkness. There lore introduced with the new DLC it seemed interesting and well done. Bungie has clearly focused on the nostalgia effect of longtime players, clearly succeeding in the intent. The return of old settings and characters fits perfectly with the new features, satisfying both veterans and newbies. Some plot points and details could have been developed more carefully but we remain hopeful of a future explanation in some new raid or DLC.

The new" map It is packed with fantastic details and settings that enrich the already expansive Destiny universe. The missions are well balanced between the classic explorations, assaults and raids introduced in these days. All of this results in several hours of extra gameplay full of contents, weapons and armor that will manage to rekindle the passion of those guardians a little bored by Destiny 2.

New life for the franchise

What's new in Shadows from the Deep isn't just limited to the storyline. This DLC brings with it numerous changes also in terms of gameplay, some already announced at E3 this year. The first element that immediately catches the eye is the renewal of the armor. These now have six stats (against the previous three), or mobility, resilience, recovery, intellect, discipline e force. It will be up to the player to choose which feature to focus on depending on their style of play and the class of the chosen Guardian. Statistics can also be edited through the mods that can be equipped the number of which varies according to the energy level of the armor.

La build of one's own equipment in fact acquires greater importance than in the past, giving the player the opportunity to experiment. These elements make the more varied gameplay with many more RPG elements. In this context, a great novelty of the DLC should be reported: the Doorway's Eye artifact. This item is unlocked at level 7 of the season pass and is able to unlock new skills for our guardian. When the artifact increases in level, completing quests and activities, allow you to unlock 5 columns of 5 different skills guaranteeing a total of 25 new mods. These can of course be equipped with our weapons and armor and grant exceptional powers.

Bungie claimed that other artifacts like this will be released over the course of subsequent seasons to fit the quests presented. For example, the Eye of the Doorkeeper introduces advantages related to the Vex and the Hive, the main enemies of this season. Through this object we also discover another novelty introduced: the damage effects. Weapons can now have active effects that affect enemies: we are talking about armor-piercing, electric or stun bullets that can prove extremely useful especially against the most challenging enemies. Some of these effects can also be unlocked through valuable mods.


Destiny 2 su Steam

To give greater prominence to the work of Bungie with Destiny 2 was added, simultaneously with the launch of the expansion, the migration of the game to the platform Steam. In this step the base game, therefore excluding the expansions, has become totally Free-to-Play.

Here are all the news brought to Destiny with the launch of the new expansion and the migration to Steam:

  • Patrols on the Moon
  • The opening mission of Shadows from the Deep
  • Two new assaults
  • Armor customization 2.0
  • Doorkeeper's Eye Seasonal Artifact
  • New finishing moves
  • Crucible Updates
  • The return of two PvP maps from the D1 era: the Court of the Widow and the Twilight Breach
  • Elimination in Crucible Labs
  • Two new flagship weapons: one for Gambit and one for the Crucible
  • Free Seasonal Rank Rewards, which include:
    • The New Exotic Weapon: Eriana's Promise
    • Three sets of legendary armor (one per class)
    • Two legendary weapons
    • Bright Engrams Best of the Year 2
    • Lumens and update modules
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Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep review, buy it or not?

Ultimately Shadows from the Deep is an expansion made with particular attention by Bungie that has no intention of leaving the Destiny universe. The new contents and the lore introduced provide more prominence to a game that still has a lot to tell. Although the stability of the game servers reacted badly to the move to Steam, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will keep you hooked for a long, long time.

Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep

Pro Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep review, the rebirth of Bungie
  • Good injection of GDR with the innovations introduced
  • Refreshed and more fulfilling gameplay
  • New intriguing and well-crafted story ...
Cons Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep review, the rebirth of Bungie
  • ... even if, at times, underdeveloped (at the moment)
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