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    Facebook emoticons here is the complete list of smileys

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    You do not know what are the combinations of characters to make the various Facebook smileys to use in chat? Here is a complete list of all Facebook Emoticons with the relative combinations of characters to which they are associated necessary to write them.

    Here is the list of Facebook emoticon, some emoticons can be represented with thefferent combinations of characters, to view them just write a combination of those listed:

    Facebook emoticon

    Angelo O :) O :-)
    Confused oO Oo
    Cry : '(
    Diavolo 3 :) 3 :-)
    Sad :-( :( :[ =(
    Amazed : -O: O: -o: o
    Felice :-D :D =D
    Grumpy > :(> :-(
    Allegro ^ _ ^
    Bacio :-* :*
    Pacman :v
    Glasses 8-) 8) B-) B)
    Smile :-) :) :] =)
    Cross-eyed -_-
    Sun glasses 8-| 8| B-| B|
    Weather in Linguaccia :-P :P =P
    Uncertain :/ :-/ : :-
    Displeased >: O>: - O>: o>: - o
    Wink ;-) ;)
    Pouting :3
    Heart <3
    42 : 42:
    Penguin <(")
    Chris Putman :putnam:
    Robot : |]
    Shark (^^^)
    I like it (Y)
    Poop : poop:

    Here is summarized in an image with all the Facebook Emoticons:

    If you want to have the Facebook emoticons listed in the chat, which can be easily inserted with a click, read this article Having the list of emoticons in the Facebook chat with Facebook ChatBar

    In adthetion to the usual smiley emoticons, sad, happy, kiss, etc., there are also the "bonus" ones of the robot, the shark, the penguin and Chris Putnam (a Facebook developer who wanted to immortalize himself in the chat: D) .

    Custom Facebook Emoticons:

    it is also possible use personalized emoticons in Facebook chat, the way how to do it is quite simple.
    For example we want use your profile picture as an emoticon of the GiartheniBlog page on Facebook, it is sufficient to know the username set for the page / profile, in this case it will be forinformaticslovers (the username is the part in bold:, just write this sequence of characters in the chat:
    [[forinformaticslovers]] and the image used in the GiartheniBlog profile photo will appear in the chat as in the photo below:

    In general, therefore, it will be sufficient to write:
    [[username]] where username must be replaced with that of the profile whose photo we want to use.

    I recommend that you keep this page in your favorites so that you always have it available when you need it!

    If you know any other hidden Facebook emoticons official write them in the comments and they will be added to the list.

    Facebook emoticons here is the complete list of smileys

    Audio Video Facebook emoticons here is the complete list of smileys
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