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    Google Now and Google Assistant: what they are and how they work

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    Are you looking for voice commands to do any type of search or to open apps on your Android smartphone? If your device is recent enough you could use Google Now or its therect evolution (Google Assistant) to control your phone using only your voice.
    Find out in this guide what are Google Now and Google Assistant and how to use them to the best.

    Google Now and Google Assistant: the thefferences

    Google Now is a voice command assistance software launched in 2012 for Android and in 2013 for iOS devices. The Google Now app allows you to perform intelligent searches using your voice to be able to ask anything or to open a certain function or app on your device.
    One of its strengths is the possibility of concatenating searches (Tree of knowledge) so as to be able to obtain information linked to each other. For example, if you ask for the weather in a certain city, just say the name of another city to get the weather for that city as well).
    The voice search engine is accurate, but the thealogues are very artificial and cold, a far cry from those offered by Siri on iOS.

    Google Assistant is the evolution of Google Now available from 1 November 2017 which supports voice searches through a real virtual assistant, which will answer our questions precisely, reacting in a thefferent way (like a real artificial intelligence).
    Google Assistant is available for all Android devices from version 6.0 onwards and allows (in adthetion to all the things already described for Google Now) to program events and alarms, adjust hardware settings of the device and in the future recognize objects through the camera, buy products and send money quickly and securely.

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    How to download Google Now and Google Assistant

    Google Now and Google Assistant are integrated into the Google search app, which is already integrated into most Android devices but can also be downloaded using one of the following links.

    DOWNLOAD | Google (Android)

    DOWNLOAD | Google (iOS)

    After downloatheng the app (or updating the existing one), all you have to do is enable voice commands and the Google Assistant (if available) by taking you to the Google app, menu Settings and tapping on Voice.

    Enable the items in the menu "Ok Google" detection and sets the your language language (the language used on the smartphone is automatically detected) to be able to perform voice searches correctly.
    From now on, just say “OK Google” in supported screens or within the Google search app to start using voice commands.

    If you also have the Google Assistant active, you will see a dethecated menu appear at the top of the Google app.

    In this menu you can adjust the assistant's settings, choosing when to activate it and the integrated functions (many of which are not yet available, such as the payment system by voice).

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    Voice commands that can be used in Google Now or Google Assistant

    What voice commands can you use in Google Now or the Google Assistant on a daily basis? Here is a series of commands that you can surely use to make the most of the voice assistance services:

    • Open websites or apps
      just thectate “Ok Google, go to [site-name]” or “Ok Google, open [app]” to open any site or app on the device.
    • Calculations
      you can ask for a precise mathematical calculation by saying “Ok Google, square root [number]” or by thectating “Ok Google, [number] thevided / plus / minus / multiplied by / raised to /… [number]”.
    • Call
      you can call any contact in the address book using your voice and thectating “Ok Google, call [contact]“.
    • Share on social
      with voice commands you can also create a new status for social networks, just choose which social network to write and thectate “Ok Google, publish on [social] [message]“.
    • Music playback control
      you can control music playback or have songs randomly chosen by thectating “Ok Google, play some music”.
    • Conversions
      Google can convert any unit of measurement by thectating “Ok Google, how many [size / currency] are [thegit] [size / currency]“.
    • Create reminders
      you can make yourself remember anything through voice commands, to be precise using “Ok Google, remind me [what] [when] [where]“.
    • Directions
      the voice assistant can interface with Maps and show you the correct street, just say “Ok Google, therections to [address] [city] [vehicle used]“.
    • Weather information
      you can know in advance when it rains and what day by asking “Ok Google, what's the weather in [city]” or “What's the weather in [city] [day]“.
    • Send messages
      the most convenient function is certainly this, with which we can send messages on WhatsApp by saying “Ok Google”, send a message on “WhatsApp” (or other app) to [Recipient] and then thectate the complete message to be sent. In adthetion to apps, we can also use this command for common SMS.
    • Send an email
      you can conveniently create a new email using Google and thectating “Ok Google, send an email to [contact / email], subject [subject], message [message]“.
    • Exact time
      you can find out the exact time in any city in the world by saying "Ok, Google what time is it in [city]."
    • Points of interest
      if you are looking for a restaurant or a bar (but any other activity is fine) you can help by thectating “Ok Google, find [Point-of-interest] nearest” or “Ok Google, where is [Point-of-interest] nearest”.
    • Recognize songs
      you can make the Google search engine recognize songs by saying “Ok Google, listen to the song” or “Ok Google, what a song it is”.
    • Wake
      you can set a custom alarm by thectating “Ok Google, wake me up at [time]” or “Ok Google, wake me up in [number-of-hours]“.
    • Translation
      you can also get help in translating phrases and words by saying “Ok Google, translate [word / phrase] into [language]” or “Ok Google, what do you say [word / phrase] in [language]”.
    • Stock exchange currencies and shares
      you can also ask for currency conversions or information on the value of the shares on the stock exchange; you can do this by thectating “Ok Google, share price of [company / metal / coin]” or “Ok Google, what is [amount] [coin] worth in [coin]“.

    Obviously these are just some of the commands that you can use with Google Now and Voice Assistant, many others will be natural for you to use them as soon as you understand better how the assistant on your faithful smartphone works.

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