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    Graphics Command Center, the new control panel from Intel

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    You will not see l鈥橧ntel Graphics Command Center in bundle con i driver, as Microsoft's new DCH driver model requires drivers to be stripped down and modular. As a result, Intel did the most logical thing, relying on the Windows Store to ensure automatic updating via the operating system. This also allows it to separate panel update times from driver update times, unless a joint launch is required.

    From the point of view of functionality, like competing solutions, the Graphics Command Center detects the games installed on your PC and allows you to change settings such as anti-aliasing, v-sync and anisotropic filtering directly from the game page. Intel currently supports around a hundred games.

    In the panel the company has also inserted a detailed description of each setting and the impact on performance, with a photographic illustration if available and useful. There is also an indicator, towards the right of the panel, which signals the performance impact of the setting, in order to guide even less experienced users. It is dynamic, so by setting very high AA levels the panel will warn you of the excessive drop in performance, advising you against it.

    For about thirty games, Intel also includes support for automatic optimization (1 click). This possibility is indicated by the lightning bolt logo. Similar to other control panels, Graphics Command Center will change the graphics settings of your favorite title to the settings suggested by Intel for your computer.

    At the moment most of the work to determine these settings has been done by hand by Intel engineers, but the company is gearing up to automate the process. Within the Graphics Command Center there is no shortage all the other common features you would expect to find in a graphical panel: there are monitor display settings such as resolution and refresh rate, monitor layout and video quality (color correction, etc.). Again, Intel has included real-time explanations and demonstrations for the various items.

    That's it for now, with Intel passing the ball to users. The company will constantly gather community feedback and will likely integrate new features in the coming months to catch up with the competition: Streaming features, gameplay recording and performance monitoring are just a few things that are missing and that we expect to see soon.

    Graphics Command Center, the new control panel from Intel

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