Hisense RB645 combo refrigerator review: premium design and performance

Hisense RB645 combo refrigerator review: premium design and performance

Hisense has managed in a short time to create a name and a reputation in the world of appliances and tech devices, challenging the giants of the market head-on. A valuable line-up and the use of the most innovative technologies, have reserved a place among those giants, but the frenetic world of technology does not stop and Hisense has no intention of doing so. This is why the Chinese company recently presented the new cold e line today, we tell you about the new Hisense combination refrigerator from the Skyline line in this review.

That this product also points as high as the others? Let's find out!

Our review of the new Hisense combo refrigerator

Il Hisense RB645 combination refrigerator belongs to the new line of Skyline refrigerators and as such, it has all the charisma and technology of the series, with something more. Among these, we find the Metal Cooling technology, touch controls, Total No Frost technology and so on. But let's start with order.

Data Sheet

  • Type: Combined refrigerator
  • Finishing: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions:: 704x694x2000mm
  • Weight: 97Kg
  • Refrigerator capacity: 345 liters
  • Freezer capacity: 150 liters
  • consumption: Class A ++ (Class F from 1st March 2021)

Design Hisense

Hisense RB645 combo refrigerator review: premium design and performance

Il Hisense RB645 combination refrigerator presents itself excellently with a modern and minimal desing, in stainless steel. Le dimensions are important, 704x694x2000mm for 97Kg of weight, in favor of a total capacity, between refrigerator and freezer, of 495 liters. Thanks to the innovative design and the reduced depth, the refrigerator is not bulky, but fits a large variety of kitchen furniture to ensure practical use of the product. The handles are integrated to the right side and feature a metal finish. This version also features a elegant water dispenser integrated into the refrigerator door.

The inside of the refrigerator is divided by two large glass shelves. The lower part is instead occupied by two drawers, Cool Fresh Box and from the larger, Fruit & Vegetable Box. The interior is white while the back wall is occupied by the Metal-Tech Cooling metal plate, which we will analyze later in the review.

The inside of the door is divided into three plastic shelves for storing bottles and drinks. The central shelf is characterized by a tray in which to pour, through a practical filler, up to 3,5 liters of water that will come out directly from the external dispenser whenever you want. The freezer, positioned at the bottom of the refrigerator, is instead divided into three large drawers with No Frost technology, for a total capacity of 150 liters.

Hisense RB645 combo refrigerator review: premium design and performance Hisense RB645N4WIF, Combined Refrigerator, 489L, F-Class, ...
  • Class F
  • Net capacity 495L
  • Water Dispenser
725,00 EUR Buy on Amazon

The technology inside

Hisense RB645 combo refrigerator review: premium design and performance

Beautiful on the outside but amazing on the inside, thanks to the technology used to get the best every day. This Hisense combo refrigerator takes advantage of the latest tech advances to improve cooling capacity, reduce consumption and make food last longer without alternating smell and taste. For all this, in the refrigerator section, we find the aforementioned lastra Metal-Tech Cooling. This section of the fridge allows a more effective and uniform exchange of the cold area from the inside to the outside, to guarantee ideal levels of temperature and humidity. The fridge is also equipped with Multi Ai Flow system, more air intakes for a more complete and above all faster distribution without burdening the excessive use of electricity.

In this regard, the presence of the Inverter compressor. This is a relatively new technology that differs from the linear compressor previously used in refrigerators some time ago for guarantee reduced energy consumption, longer product life and low noise level.

The management of the refrigerator will be in our hands thanks to touch controls located inside the refrigerator, practical and intuitive. From here we will be able to turn the refrigerator off and on, manage the temperatures of the refrigerator or freezer separately or activate the three modes with which it is equipped:

  • Super Cool - to be activated when you want a quick cooling of the fridge or when it is full
  • Super Freeze - like the previous mode but referred to the Freezer
  • Holiday - mode designed for traveling or when you will be away from home for a long time. By activating the Holiday mode the refrigerator will be switched off but not the freezer
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Our test of the Hisense combo refrigerator

We tried the Hisense RB645 combo refrigerator for over a month, during which it looked after our shopping daily. Noteworthy is the simplicity of installation and use. Once you arrive, you just have to wait for the usual 6-8 hours for the refrigerant to settle inside (altered during transport), clean the inside of the fridge with water and vinegar and then connect it to the electrical outlet.

Let's start by saying that despite the large capacity, the size of the product fell short of expectations. Thanks to a well thought-out design and reduced depth, it fit perfectly into our kitchen small size (about 15m2) without any problem. The minimalist and simple design has pleasantly captivated us and the surface does not retain the annoying fingerprints that are formed at each opening. In the same way, the interior, both of the refrigerator and the freezer, turned out to be large but above all well distributed, allowing the storage of a large amount of food whether you are with your family or if you live alone.

One of the most interesting sections is undoubtedly the external water dispenser and the inner tray. Although we have not fully tasted its usefulness given the winter period, having fresh water available will be a cure-all with the arrival of the warm seasons. Removed an initial hindrance, filling the internal tray is simple and convenient and the more than three liters are more than enough to always have fresh water and "refill" it about once a week.

The touch controls and integrated modes are also very useful, especially the Holiday mode perfect for those who, like us, are often away from home. Being able to turn off the refrigerator without affecting the freezer is very useful and thanks to the Total No Frost technology of the latter, we can forget about the formation of ice or the much-needed defrosting period. A real panacea for living and eating well.

The review of the new Hisense combo refrigerator in a nutshell

It seemed unthinkable that a refrigerator could give us so much satisfaction but this combination from Hisense has done it, every day. Design, technology and performance come together to provide us with one of the best refrigerators we have ever had the pleasure of caring for such an important sphere of life as food.

Simplicity of installations and use are the basis of this great product built to give the best of the best in terms of refreshment.

The Hisense combo refrigerator is now available at the recommended price of € 725.

The Hisense family

Hisense RB645 combo refrigerator review: premium design and performance
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