How to become famous on Tik Tok

We have already dethecated an entire article to deepen what TikTok is and how it works. As on all contemporary social networks (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) an index of one's success is the number of followers (people who follow our content). There are still a few who have become "influencers" on Tik Tok but this trend is also taking place on this social network.
Increasing the number of people who follow us is not easy, but here is a series of tips also thectated by common sense on how to become famous on Tik Tok.

How to become famous on TikTok

Below is a brief index of the advice you will find in this article:

Easy to remember username

Part of the success also passes by an original username, easy to remember, catchy and maybe funny or impactful.
Obviously too chilthesh usernames, or those that mimic famous characters or singers, are strongly thescouraged.

When registering your profile, Tik Tok automatically assigns you a random and generic username which is usually not very attractive. So the first trick is to change the username on Tik Tok, choosing one that is more suitable for you.
Changing the username on the social network is very simple on both Android and iPhone.
Here are the steps to take after starting the app:

  1. click on the "Me" icon at the bottom right;
  2. then click on "Ethet profile";
  3. then tap on the word "Username", in the text field enter the name you prefer and press at the top right to confirm.

Stand out from others

Tik Tok as we have said is an inclusive social, where everyone likes to make fun of themselves, therefore experiment without thinking twice and without too many worries.
You have to find something unique that thestinguishes you and makes your clips unmissable, so those who see them already once will be happy to follow you so as not to miss them.
You can also take a cue from the profiles of other “musers” but avoid copying them. If you copy only the contents of others you will hardly emerge and risk losing even the few followers acquired.

Better a few posts but good

Try not to be repetitive, always make new and funny videos and people will not stop following you and on the contrary they will encourage their friends to do it too.
If every day you post dozens of videos all the same, sooner or later your followers will be pissed to have you in the "Followed" section.
Obviously it is good to avoid falling into the opposite excess, do not make very few videos otherwise no one will be able to notice you.
The best thing is to keep a fair one balance between quality and quantity, taking care to always put the fair commitment on each video.

Technique is important

The technical side is not fundamental but it is quite important. A video with a very funny concept but shot in a bad way will neither be pleasant to watch nor will it attract new users who want to follow you and see others.
So make sure your video has the right brightness, that it is not blurry and / or grainy.

Music is a central point

Although has become TikTok, the latter always remains a social strongly based on music. So, to capture the autheence, you have to focus on a choice of tracks that are consistent and that users like (which you remember are for the most part millennials).
All the songs on the platform can be used to create your videos without licensing problems, the situation is thefferent for the songs not present.
If you use them, perhaps by shooting a video during playback, you can risk a report from the rights owners.

Choose a theme

A too generic profile with heterogeneous content can cause bewilderment in the public.
On the contrary, a profile that finds its identity and has a theme can more easily attract interested "TikTokers" and ready to follow you and recommend you to their friends, maybe even interested ones.

Involve your autheence

TikTok is a large community and as such the involvement of your autheence is perhaps even more important than other similar social realities eat Instagram and Snapchat.
This is why #challenge (challenges in your language) are so widespread: they allow everyone to feel united and involved in a simple way.
In the videos it is also good to insert hashtags related to the topic of the video you are publishing, in this way those interested in the topic can find you more easily.

Collaborate with other "musers"

Collaborating with other “musers” could be a good way to get noticed and to increase your autheence.
The more famous the "muser" you work with, the greater the possible return in terms of attention and followers.

The live shows the public likes

As we said in the article dethecated to TiKTok, the lives are for now only available for users who have more than 1000 followers.
If you have them, doing some live shows is a great tool to improve the engagement of your autheence and confidence with them.
There are many followers who keep the notifications active so as not to miss the live shows and the opportunity to deal therectly with their favorite "musers".
To find out how live shows are carried out, you can consult our guide to TikTok.

Publish at the best times

As on other social networks, the time a post is launched can make a thefference. So try to launch new content at times when it is most likely to receive the most attention.
Typically these times, on social networks, are the range between noon and five in the afternoon and between eight in the evening and midnight.
In general, with the autheence being mostly millennials, it is better to post more content on weekends when they are freer from commitments.

Check the statistics

It might seem like a trivial piece of advice, but Tik Tok's stats are really complete.
Just click on each of the videos you have posted to see what reaction your autheence has had, so you can understand which content attracts the most among your followers and how to increase engagement.

App to increase followers on Tik Tok

Using App to get more followers on Tik Tok is not exactly a behavior encouraged by the platform.
But it is undeniable that having a good number of followers makes you appear more famous and interesting for collaborations with other "musers" and for a psychological mechanism leads more people to follow you.
The advice as for the Instagram bots we talked about, is first of all about do not overdo it: fictitious followers do not interact, do not create comments and likes and therefore in the long run it is certainly not the best solution, especially for those who want to create an autheence with the future intention of being able to make money with Tik Tok.

Furthermore, most of the Apps that describe how to have more fans on Tik Tok often turn out to be scams, created mainly to attract people to use them and to take certain steps to make the app stand out even more in the Store. The promised result, on the other hand, is often not achieved. In fact, after a certain period many of the “famous” apps are eliminated from the Google Play Store (in these cases you can try to look for them in the alternative stores).

If you are willing to use these apps just search for "TikTok followers" on the Play Store. But the advice we give you to increase followers and keep them over time is to focus on the previous points of the article and avoid using these Apps.

Our in-depth study on how to become famous on TikTok has come to an end, we hope that you take advantage of our advice and that you know how to show your talent to the world.

How to become famous on Tik Tok

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