How to change the email address of his Instagram account?

When creating an account on a social network, it is sometimes tempting to give an email address that you no longer use in order to avoid possible unwanted messages. However, it is better, if only for security, to have easy access to this address. Fortunately, Instagram lets you change your email address at any time.

If you have entered a false e-mail address or that of a mailbox that you no longer use, it is strongly recommended to change it. Moreover, changing the email address of your Instagram account is very simple and only takes a few seconds. More generally, to know exactly how to manage your Instagram account, do not hesitate to consult our various tutorials available on this subject.

Change your Instagram account email address

  1. First, open the Instagram app on your smartphone or tablet and head to your personal page. To do this, touch your account icon: it's the small circle located at the bottom right of your screen that contains your profile picture.

  2. Once on your Insta page, select the mention “Edit profile”. You will find it between your personal information (number of publications, subscribers and subscriptions) and the photos you have published on the social network.

  3. Now go down to the very bottom of the page that has just been displayed and press "Personal information settings" which is written in blue.

  4. Among the various personal information on this page, select your e-mail address (in the first position).

  5. It is therefore via this new window that you are offered to modify your e-mail address. Touch the line with your current address (you can't go wrong, there's only one!), delete it, then enter the email address you chose for your Instagram account.

  6. Once it's done, tap on the blue-colored tick that is located at the top right of the screen. This will validate your action.

A small window will then appear on the screen, warning you that a mail containing a link has just been sent to this new address. You will then have to go to your mailbox and follow the link in question to validate the change of e-mail address. Note that for this to work, you will need to check your email from the same device with which you made this change of address request.

We recommend that you promptly change your Instagram account email address if the one you provided has been hacked or appears to have a security flaw. Your account may indeed contain valuable or even sensitive information that is essential to protect.

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