How to create a group on facebook ?

Halfway between the forum and the Facebook page, Facebook groups are booming. And for good reason, whether you are an entrepreneur or simply passionate about a theme, you can develop in a few minutes a real virtual place where the invited members can discuss among themselves. This step-by-step tutorial will help you create the perfect Facebook group!

Create a group on Facebook

  1. Open Facebook, click on the Menu at the top right (it's the down-pointing arrow next to the ? icon), then click Find groups.

  2. In the new page that appears, click the green button Create a group located in the right column.

  3. Complete the fields of the dialog box that appears on your screen. Give your future group an attractive name, choose its privacy from the drop-down menu and invite your friends. Finally, click on Create.

Your group is now online. But your work doesn't stop there: feel free to customize the many settings! From the description of the group to the cover photo, through the creation of a good functioning charter to pin at the top of the group, everything must be in your image to attract as many members as possible!

If you are a professional, know that this is the ideal place to create a close link with your prospects and transform them (more or less quickly) into customers!

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