How to Disable Double Authentication Login on TikTok?

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You are recently registered on TikTok and you wonder how to manage your account and above all, how to secure it. You have tested double authentication, but you finally want to give it up. No problem: we explain the procedure to you in this tutorial.

Double authentication is an excellent way to protect personal data. It allows, in addition to a password, to validate your connection by means of a code sent to your smartphone or an e-mail, sent to your mailbox. However, the procedure may seem restrictive to some. You have activated double authentication, but you want to return to identification by password? Here's how.

Disable two-factor authentication on TikTok

1. Launch TikTok and click on “Me” (the man-shaped icon at the bottom right of the screen).

2. Select the hamburger menu at the top right of the screen and click "Security". 

3. Choose "2-Step Verification". 

4. Click on the “Disable” button.

Even if it is possible to deactivate double authentication, be aware that it is still preferable to keep it. Indeed, this security process is an excellent way to protect your account from possible data theft. Why ? Quite simply, to access your account, a hacker will not only have to obtain your password but also have your laptop in his hands. And that is much more difficult.

In the absence of double authentication, hackers will only have to steal your password. Your accounts contain sensitive personal data that must not fall into the wrong hands. If you do not want to keep the double authentication, we advise you, at least, to:

  • Choose a complex password and not reveal it to anyone. 
  • Disable equipment and third-party applications that you no longer use.

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