How to improve your fixed Internet connection? Some tips to increase your Internet speed

How do I know the speed of my Internet connection?

Before you even want to improve your Internet connection, you need to know precisely how slow your Internet speed is. And to do this, you must go through a flow test. There are a lot of them on the Internet (Speedtest or Google's do the job perfectly).

A speed test makes it possible to measure very precisely the speed of its Internet connection (here on optical fiber).

Reading the result of this internet speed test is fairly straightforward. The result is systematically expressed in megabytes per second (or Mb / s) and makes it possible to evaluate its connection speed, which is called the bandwidth. In your pay, it is considered that, depending on certain bandwidth levels, its connection speed can be specifically qualified:

  • 0 to 30 Mb / s : Internet connection speed is considered low. This is a typical ADSL / VDSL2 Internet connection.
  • 30 to 100 Mb / s : The Internet connection speed is considered to be "very high speed". This is a typical Internet connection of a good VDSL 2, for example, or of certain so-called "very high speed" offers.
  • Beyond 100 Mb / s : it's fast internet connection speed. Optical fiber, for example, promises a connection speed of between 100 Mb / s and up to 1 Gb / s, or even 10 Gb / s in the most extreme cases.

The of the country government allows you to know what the flows are in your municipality thanks to its “observatory” tool.

The easiest way to improve the speed of your Internet connection is to change your Internet offer and ideally switch to a Very High Speed ​​or Fiber connection by performing an eligibility test. Red by SFR, for example, offers a very simple offer that allows you to switch to very high speed for 23 euros per month (very high speed or fiber).

Discover the very high speed RED box offer at 23 euros per month

How to improve your internet access without changing your offer

Knowing whether or not you have fast internet speed is one thing, but it is not always possible to change your internet connection. In this case, you should apply some basic advice to improve your Internet connection speed and therefore that of your network.

Being wired, with an Ethernet cable (or RJ45) is the best way to make the most of the connection speed of your Internet box.

The first of these is promote the wired connection as much as possible. The WiFi connection has the advantage of eliminating cables, but often this is despite the download speed. Particularly if you are connected to an Internet box of an Internet operator, where the quality of the WiFi network is often poor. RJ45 cables might be cumbersome, but they make sure you get the best possible internet speed.

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No question of having Internet cables in your house or apartment? Do you want to stay on WiFi? In this case, optimize the placement of your connected devices. Move your smartphones, connected speakers or connected lamps as close as possible to your WiFi point. The first culprits are often the walls which block part of the WiFi waves. Buy WiFi repeaters if you have a large house, or, better, invest in a router worthy of the name that will allow you to benefit from a quality WiFi connection (a comparison of different mesh WiFi solutions is available at this address) .

Small, easy to use and very efficient, Google WiFi is an excellent WiFi router for improving the speed of your WiFi Internet connection.

Last tip to optimize the speed of your WiFi connection, remember to change the channel on which your box broadcasts WiFi. In the administrator options of the box, go to the WiFi options and modify the channel, so as to use one that is not taken by the neighbor's boxes. It is possible to see the channels used by the surrounding boxes by using, for example, an application such as Wifi Analyzer.

The vast majority of operators' Internet boxes allow you to modify the WiFi channel (here the RED Box from RED by SFR).

A 4G box to boost the speed of your Internet connection

If you only use a few GB of data per month, but speed is important to you, the last option to consider is simply… to go through 4G. Indeed, in certain areas where only ADSL is available, 4G is often faster than fixed Internet. The easiest way is to put a SIM card in a 4G router (this one, for example, is very good) and to benefit from an often more generous bandwidth. A clever alternative, especially since it is now possible to find generous mobile data plans at a lower cost!

The TP-Link M7350 is a great value for money 4G router.

Improve your Internet connection at a lower cost

As we said earlier, the most radical solution today to accelerate the speed of your Internet connection is still to find out which Internet offer offers the fastest speed. One of the best deals at the moment is the one offered by RED by SFR. The principle is simple, for 16 or 23 euros per month, the operator, after an eligibility test, will offer you the best possible Internet connection technology, whether it is ADSL, very high speed or fiber, in order to guarantee the best Internet speed.


This offer is very simple: it offers very high speed Internet for 23 euros per month, for life, and the user is free to then add the options that suit him to complete it. The basic offer thus makes it possible to benefit from a connection of up to 1 Gb / s in downlink speed thanks to the “Debit Plus” option currently included in the basic package. Many other options are also available.

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