How to know Nexive registered shipper

Coming home from work, looking in the mailbox today you found a notice of registered mail delivered by Nexive, the well-known logistics company. At the moment, unfortunately, you cannot go to the address indicated on the receipt to be able to collect everything but given the great curiosity to discover the contents of the "letter" in advance, you immediately rushed to the Web in search of some useful information in this regard and you are therefore finished here, on this tutorial of mine dedicated, precisely, to how to know Nexive registered shipper.

How do you say? Things went exactly like this and would you like to understand if I can actually help you or not in this sense? Of course you do, don't worry. If you allow me a few minutes of your precious time I can in fact explain to you, in a simple but at the same time detailed way, how to understand who the registered letter sent to you sent through Nexive comes from. The operation, I anticipate it right away, is quite easy to carry out but, this is good to make it clear immediately, you will not be able to know the exact name of the sender. Nevertheless, you will be able to get a more or less precise idea of ​​who may have sent the registered letter.

Then? What are you doing still standing there? Make yourself comfortable in front of your trusty computer (or grab your smartphone or tablet, it can be done without problems even from there) and read carefully all the instructions on what to do that you find below. I hope I can be as helpful as possible and that in the end you can feel very happy and satisfied with what you have learned. I wish you, as usual, good reading.


  • Some basics
  • Know who the sender of the registered letter is
  • Locate the collection center
  • Contact customer service

Some basics

Before explaining to you, concretely, what is to be done in order to know who is the sender of a Nexive registered letter, there are some, let's say, basic notions about it that I think it is my duty to provide you.

First of all, although Nexive is a private mail service, following the greater liberalization in line with other European countries, starting from 10 September 2022 the notification of judicial acts and Traffic Laws that was previously an exclusive of Poste 2022 and now it is no longer and can be taken over by any other logistics service. Therefore, registered letters sent via Nexive may now also belong to the category in question.

Nevertheless in most cases Nexive is exploited by private and Local societies e Skills therefore a registered letter sent through the service in question may contain a generic communication for which the sender is obliged by law to use a tracked system like the one in question but has not chosen to rely on Poste 2022ne. For example, sending the requested credit card to the bank must normally be done by registered mail and the company issuing it can choose to rely on Nexive and not the national postal service, if it deems it more appropriate.

Then, unlike the registered mail of Poste 2022ne, whose sender can be deduced in a rather simple way by means of the figures that make up the first part of the codes with which they are marked and which, in fact, allow you to know more or less exactly who I come from or at least to steal the content, those sent through Nexive do not have this "peculiarity". However, they are accompanied by a code, which also and above all serves to track the progress of the shipment status, but through the figures that constitute it it is not possible to trace the sender as they have no specific meaning and are also often modified.

Therefore, the only real way to know who is the sender of a Nexive registered letter is to use the code attached to it to look for info on the tracking and then deduce who was to send it all referring to the place of departure and to any causal following. In short, it is not an exact science but by doing so you can still get a good number of useful information about it, I assure you.

Know who the sender of the registered letter is

Having made the above clarifications, we can finally go to the real heart of the matter and therefore understand how to try to trace the sender of a registered letter sent through Nexive.

To carry out this operation, the first fundamental step you must carry out is to go to the page for tracking shipments attached to the website of the famous logistics company and type, in the field below the item Search by barcode, the code that identifies the notice of stock of the registered letter that you have received. Then click on the button Find.

And if you have the customer code and customer reference, you can also search by filling in the appropriate fields on the right side of the page, typing both the required details. Even in this case, you will then have to click on the button Find to start searching.

So wait for a few sitters for the page to be updated after which you will find yourself in the presence of two boxes. In the one on the left you will find the postal operator of reference (therefore Nexive), the shipping service used, the acceptance branch, the date of acceptance and the destination. The box on the right shows any other actions such as the causal.

Among all this information, what can allow you to understand who owns a registered letter sent with Nexive are, as anticipated in the previous paragraph of this tutorial, the acceptance branch (and possibly also the date) and the reason for payment.

Final report: You can perform all the steps we have just seen together in this step both from a computer and a mobile. The interface of the Nexive site and the operations to be carried out to try to understand who sent the registered letter are in fact identical both from the version of the site for desktop computers and from that for smartphones and tablets.

Locate the collection center

For completeness of information, in addition to showing you how to find out who is the sender of a Nexive registered letter, I would like to show you how to identify the center to collect it.

As a rule, the office from which the registered letter can be collected is clearly indicated on the stock notice itself, complete with the following days and opening and closing times.

However, if all the data necessary for the meeting are not shown on the registered letter, for example the opening and closing times of the reference center, or if you need to contact the Nexive center to receive any further information, you can choose to rely on the specific page on the company's website dedicated to identifying the locations and thus obtain all the details you need.

So, after connecting to the page in question, type your zip code and your address in the appropriate fields in the center and then select the wording from the menu on the right Withdrawal recommended and click the button Search. If you want the site to automatically identify your current position, just click on the button with the viewfinder on the right and consent to the request that you see appear at the top of the browser.

On the map below you will see all the various placeholders relating to the Nexive points in the area appear. Find the one closest to you or the one shown on the registered letter receipt and take note of the info you need in the balloon you see appear. Please note that the placeholders on the map can have various colors. To find out what they refer to, you can follow the legend at the top of the page.

I also point out that if you want you can view all the various centers available also in the form of a list. To do this, just click on the item List View which is above the map, on the left.

In the case of a registered letter in digital format, just follow the instructions on the registered letter itself and use the unique PIN that is provided. Obviously, it is not necessary to go to one of the offices to collect the material.

Final report: You can carry out all the steps just seen together in this paragraph both from a computer and from a smartphone and tablet. The interface of the Nexive site and the operations to be carried out to obtain information about the collection centers are in fact identical both from the version of the site for desktop computers and from that for mobile devices.

Contact customer service

Have you tried to use the Nexive tracking service but it didn't work or you couldn't get any useful info? Has any other problem arisen specifically linked to the use of the logistic company's website or do you have any other doubts regarding the latter? Then get in touch with Nexive customer service and you will see that in no time at all you will be able to clear your mind and receive all the ad hoc support you need. Let's see immediately how.

Based on your preferences and needs, you have different contact systems to choose from. Here they are.

  • Live Chat - Connect to this special page of the logistic company's website and answer the simple questions that are asked on the screen. In a short time you will be put in contact with a virtual operator who will be able to provide you with all the help you need.
  • SMS - Send a text message to the number 366 6732345 with the barcode / waybill. The service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 18.00. In a short time you will receive an answer with all the details of the case.
  • Phone Number - Dial the number +39 02 91080530 on your phone's numeric keypad and initiate a call. Therefore, follow the instructions of the voice guide to be able to speak to an operator. Also in this case, the service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 18.00.

Another thing that I then recommend you to do is to take a look at the section of the Nexive website where the main questions with ready-made answers relating to the use of the service are collected. Try to take a look at it and consult the various questions by selecting the options below, perhaps among these there is also what you are asking yourself and you can therefore be able to immediately dispel your doubts without having to go through customer service real.

You can also help you with the search field at the top, by typing the reference keywords directly into it, then clicking on the button Look for an answer which stands sideways and then dissects the relevant question from those that are shown to you in the list.

In any case, to stay up to date on the operation of Nexive and the services offered, I suggest you consult the company's service charter.

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