How to share your screen on Skype?

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Whether you use it personally or professionally, Skype has a screen sharing feature that is very useful in many situations. To use it, follow this short guide.

This sharing works both on desktop and on mobile, in both directions.

How to share your screen on Skype?

1. To be able to use Skype screen sharing, you will have to start by being in audio or video conversation with one or more contacts. Once done, click on the aptly named “Share Screen” button (on mobile, it hides behind the “…”).

2. Finally, choose the screen you want to share. It can be the entire Desktop (here, on the left, I have the choice between my two Desktops since I have 2 screens), or a particular window (on the right). A “Share Computer Sound” button can be checked to… stream audio from your machine.

If during your conversation you want to switch screens or stop sharing, press "Share screen" again in the chat window.

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